Carolina Herrera Spring 2013 Handbags

Start the new season right by investing in all the right accessories. The new season alternatives are as diverse as they can get. The Carolina Herrera label focuses on elaborating the principles that made the label famous and that were encountered in the fall/winter 2012 collection as well: classy elements that manage to offer an incredible amount of versatility coupled with a fabulous color palette that aims to fulfill style needs of most of the modern fashionistas. The spring 2013 season brings a variety of fun variations and some of the most popular style options the label has brought up in the past as well as some new options which bring a bit of freshness to the new alternatives.





Bright tones are a great way of making a statement without necessarily limiting the right amount of options when it comes to outfit creation. Investing in accessories can be a great way to maximize the outfit alternatives while still maintaining things interesting and fairly fresh. Some of the new options have a feminine touch that immediately stands out. Alternatively, tassels are another interesting option that can work for those who are more interested in subtle options that still have a creative allure and a touch of novelty. As for the style of the handbag, need and occasion are the defining elements to sort by.





Photo courtesy of Carolina Herrera


Burberry handbag collection

Burberry is a luxury brand with a distinctive British sensibility, strong international recognition and differentiating brand values that resonate across a multi-generational and dual-gender audience

High level quality and a perfect combination of British style and innovative design make every Burberry handbag or accessory a luxury which every passionate should deserve
Every Burberry handbag is checked by professionals in order to verify the perfect condition of the leather and the fabric and just 100% quality leather handbags are shipped













Photo of  Burberry

DKNY Fall 2012 Bags

See the stylish DKNY fall 2012 handbags included in the amazing ‘Poetic Rebellion’ collection for the autumn season.

Donna Karan is one of the masters of understated sexiness. The style godmother was always mesmerized by the elegance and refinement the allblack outfit radiates. The DKNY fall 2012 handbag collection and the cavalcade of ensembles re-elaborate the theme of the Beat Generation and is named by the designer a real “Poetic Rebellion”. Give free way to your cosmopolitan fashionista aspirations and sport these amazing neutral and exotic bag designs during the blooming season.

Glam up your street chic outfit with these gorgeous pouches of different shades and shapes. Join the party of Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs who revolutionized literature. It’s time to rise above standards and explore your wildest fashion fantasies which can be easily complemented with these A-list DKNY accessories.

Hit the streets of New York or any other city with a perfectly polished and modern apparel. Animal prints and leather trims offered an edgy and at the same time ladylike feel to all these style creations. Donna Karan decided to limit herself to the use of dark colors when it comes to ensembles. However, the fall handbag collection lines up a set of flirty bags tinted with light pink, fiery red and brown shades. Furthermore, we also have a repertoire of amazing leather bags and evening bags adorned with leopard and zebra prints.

 DKNY Fall 2012 Bags DKNY Fall 2012 Bags DKNY Fall 2012 Bagsdkny-fall-2012-bagsdkny-fall-2012-bags

Select your favorite DKNY bag for the rainy season depending on your signature style. See the cutest Shoppers in different shades to complement your wardrobe with a few carry-all bag designs. On the other hand, you can also choose from a sophisticated range of leather shoulder bags with top handle or crossbody bags which look amazing in all black and refined creamy tones. These suit-allhandbags will earn overwhelming popularity in the fashion capitals of the world.

‘It’ girls who are already familiarized with the signature design patterns and minimalist style vision of Donna Karan know that a similar accessory should be their most important fashion investment for the cold months. The laureate designer is ready to spread her manifesto in which she pays tribute to the ultimate reign and luxurious look of neutral shades and refined silhouettes. There are no unexpected twists in this collection, however, it still managed to wow style critics and the world of the rich and famous.

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Delvaux Spring/Summer 2012 Handbags

Embrace the practical side of fashion with the multitude of classy designs included in the Delvaux spring/summer 2012 collection and let yourself be seduced by the amazing craftsmanship and superior quality of the handbags.
Creating gorgeous outfits can be as simple as finding fun accessories to jazz up simple pieces and sticking with classy designs to ensure enough versatility to look gorgeous for more than one season or a handful of occasions. The Delvaux spring/summer 2012 collection aims to help you with a series of exciting handbag designs that are sure to make you race through the daily challenges looking sharp and put together.
Classic designs with a fun modern twist can be the recipe if you are looking for a trend with staying power without the slightest compromise on quality or functionality. Bold hues can be all the statement you need in order to express your love for fashionable accents without overspending on pieces that are bound to become obsolete with lightening speed. Practical, roomy and stylish can be a tough combo but the collection manages to bring all of these attributes in each design.

Leather and suede are the perfect options when focusing on durability and high quality and these trademarks are the main focus of the collection. Those craving for maximum versatility will certainly find neutral toned designs the best alternative. If a little texture is needed, woven handbags can be the right answer. Those craving for a touch of luxury are sure to appreciate golden touches which have both a practical and an esthetic role.


The Webster x Target Collection

Fun options for affordable new season updates are one step closer with the first photos from the latest collaboration between Target and Miami’s fashion boutique The Webster. Check out some of the best highlights from the capsule collection soon to hit the stores.
Retailer and high end brand collaborations are becoming more and more numerous to the delight of customers who see some of their favorite elements from two brands skillfully combined into attractive new styles. This time Target is tackling the tough mission of bringing high-fashion sophistication at affordable price ranges and the first of total of five such collaborations is ready to be admired, judged and craved. Miami’s iconic store The Webster is bringing exciting new season alternatives for an easy-going yet uber stylish look.

The extensive project is a 211-piece capsule collection which aims to bring fun and femininity to customers in a uber relaxed almost summer holiday like manner. Between fun dresses and wide brim hats and swimsuits, there’s no time for boredom. Straying from the over-exposed prints styles of the season, the limited edition line features leaf prints and other Webster inspired décor elements. Simplicity with a fun twist proves the perfect alternative for a terrific electic vibe.


Staying away from tight fitting styles without giving op on structure and the flattering vibe it can bring, the collection brings a series of trendy vibes along with versatile pieces worth exploring. Though flamingo prints might not be the most versatile option of the new season, fun dresses, colorful blazers and classy cardigans are sure attention worthy. Monochrome pieces can also have a strong appeal among those who favor classy combos and simple touches.

Accessories are based on the same principles as the rest of the collection and have a nice blend of comfort, functionality and fun twists associated to them. Comfy espadrille wedges, summery wide brim hats, long earrings or sophisticated scarfs are some of the main options of newest collection which will be unveiled on May 6. The collections will be available online and in stores. Stay tuned for the additional collaboration the retailer is preparing with The Candy Store, Aspen’s Cos Bar, Boston’s Polka Dog Bakery, and Warren, Conn.’s Privet House.


Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 Handbags

Watch out for the new repertoire of ultra-sophisticated and seductive Diane von Furstenberg fall 2012 handbags and clutches.
Besides being the president of the CFDA, Diane von Furstenberg succeeds also in building up her own fashion realm. Throughout the years we had the chance to witness the rise of the DVF label which celebrates the image of a seductive and sensual woman. The Diane von Furstenberg fall 2012handbag collection emanates a playful yet refined femininity. According to the designer, the autumn fashion show was “about seduction”.
Together with her assistant Yvan Mispelaere, Diane von Furstenberg is aware of the ever changing style needs of fashionistas. Therefore, the sight-pampering color combo ideas together with the use of joyful and cartoonish elements were welcomed with open arms by ‘it’ girls of the moment. Loud and proud shades hand in hand with the most refined neutral tones trapped the audience into an amazing fall reverie. The highly-acclaimed designer revealed about the modern DVF girl that “The night is young; she is timeless.”

Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 Handbags

The past season’s collections didn’t offer similar importance to busy prints. However, innovation for the DVF lies in the use of revolutionary and attention-grabbing details never used with such flirty refinement before. Puzzle pieces, chains and domino are the elements meant to add a youthful vibe to these high-street bag designs. Surrealism gave a unique and prophetic vibe to the complete collection. Bag-aholics who are intrigued by original and artsy clutches and shoulder-bags have the opportunity to embed some of these A-list DVF style creations into their wardrobe.

Moreover, we could also detect a fondness for the oh-so-widely-used color-blocking trend. However, in the case of the latest DVF collection we have a more intriguing color palette which results in a set of amazing chromatic compositions. Parisian chic elements were also used to add a neat and sophisticated silhouette to gorgeous handbags adorned with refined faux fur and chain handles. According to DVF, the signature clothing style in which you can easily incorporate these bag designs is “effortless and elaborate”. Colors like lime green, aubergine, bright blue and dark tones guarantee the versatility of the handbag collection for fall.

Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 Handbags

2012 Hello Kitty Checkered Travel Accessories Collection

This year Sanrio is making sure you’re traveling in style, Hello Kitty style, with the release of the Hello Kitty Checkered travel accessories. Nude checkered items featuring Hello Kitty’s figure will make you look super cute, so explore the vast variety of products from rolling travel cases to travel pillows and mugs, and pick your must haves!

It seems that Sanrio designers have reached once again into their ‘endless bag of ideas’ and created yet another super stylish Hello Kitty collection, this time designed with the needs of the traveler in mind, but not only. The 2012 Hello Kitty Checkered travel accessories collection brings an array of amazing, fresh and fabulous Hello Kitty bags, briefcases, pillows, mugs and more to the fashion scene so you can travel in style everywhere you go, so browse through the collection and pick your new season favorites.

Hello Kitty’s Checkered collection relies on the stylish power of nude hues that are highly popular this year, nude coloration that is spiced up by the sophistication of the checkered print, pink details on certain accessories as well as stylish bows and Hello Kitty figures featuring its trademark pink bow imprinted on every accessory.

These fabulous accessories are sure to stand out and grab attention but in a more sophisticated manner, one that suits women with different personalities and styles. The handbags are fabulous and vary in size and shape, so you can find your perfect match from sporty over the shoulder bags to totes and handbags. The handbags feature silver bow details where the handles are fused with the fabric to provide a strong hold, effect which adds a more fun and youthful vibe to the design.

Traveling has never been so fun as Hello Kitty travel cases join comfort with style, so you can now surely recognize your luggage wherever you go. These rolling luggages, briefcases and travel cases will surely make you travel comfortable and make heads turn at the same time, so choose your favorite from the three styles available as they are all fabulous.

Along with the handbags and luggages that we’ve mentioned, the collection also includes an array of traveling must haves such as pill cases, locket keyrings, passport cases, wallets, schedule planners, travel pillows, mugs, backpacks and different style wallets, all featuring the same checkered style (except the pillow), so grab on to your favorites and put together your very own super stylish Hello Kitty checkered collection.


John Richmond Spring/Summer 2012 Handbag Collection

Stay on top of the latest trends without compromising versatility with the hottest handbag styles compressed in the John Richmond spring/summer 2012 collection.

Stocking up on the hottest accessories is absolutely necessary to be able to ace the new season with complete confidence and a much needed feeling of freshness and the most resounding names in the fashion industry have a strong influence in terms of what’s hot and what’s not. Confirming the already popular tendency to focus on bold tones for accessories and taking a few subtle variations to please various types of customers, the John Richmond spring/summer 2012 handbag collection proves a worthwhile source of inspiration for the new season.

On the one hand, the brand focuses greatly on the trends of the moment. However, despite the enthusiasm for the bold, bright tones that define the new season, the designer is strongly focused on practicality and classicism as far as design is concerned. Far from being focused solely on the hot right now allure, the designer chooses plenty of purely functional elements to offset any overly trendy choices that will soon be forgotten in the back of the closet. Thus, the choices tend to appeal to more than one specific type of customer.



A blend of sturdy, durable fabrics and more season appropriate ones adds diversity to the alluring new designs brought to our attention from the brand. However, while most of the designs have fairly conservative style elements, there is also a wonderful temptation to engage in a series of rock ‘n roll vibes which give the line a gorgeous edgy hint. From truly minimalist touches to eye-catching, well placed ‘excesses’, the variations can be surprising yet extremely well placed.

Matte or shiny finishes, practical or bold, the collection features several handbag styles to help women glam up their outfit without giving up functionality. Totes, satchels, shoulder bags or clutches along with chain bags are the main offerings of the brand. In tones such as bold pink, fab orange, soothing yellow or more versatile blue and black tones, creating a strong colorful vibe in a matter of seconds and staying on top of the latest trends is as effortless as it gets.