Double hair knot

When it comes to the year’s fashion trends a lot of 2011 will focus on embellished, quality details – it won’t be exactly the same for 2011 hairstyles, however. Quality, yes. Embellishment, not always. 2011 won’t be a year in which hair trends are based around adornments and accessories – yes, there’ll be headbands, but there’ll be a larger push towards styles that are au naturel. And amongst those styles will be the double hair knot.

Double hair knot

What is a double hair knot?

Taking the lead from last year’s hairstyles, the double hair knot continues the infatuation with styles that seem effortless – think the plaited and braided hairstyles that have been so popular for more then 12 months, simplify, and you have the double hair knot.

Like the topsy tail hairstyle of years gone by, the double hair knot sits roughly at the nape of the neck or a little higher. The style also works as a single knot – but by knotting the hair twice the effect is more interesting, and easier to secure.

Double hair knot

How to style it

Though a hairstyle suited to the entire year, the style of double hair knot you’re seeing in the pictures are best suited to spring / summer 2011. Styled by Orlando Pita for the Michael Kors catwalk, the summer influence comes courtesy of a desire to have fuse urban hairstyle with the feel that its wearer has “been out at the beach all day.”

To capture the summer interpretation of the double hair knot:

  1. First, spritz the hair all over with a sea-salt spray (Orlando Pita used Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray)
  2. Next, scrunch the hair into bunches while drying to add waves and texture
  3. Pull a thick section of hair out at the front, sweeping it into a deep side part
  4. Finally, take back two sections of hair and tie into a knot – then again into a double knot

For a take on the style that is suited to autumn / fall or winter, play down the beachy-ness by making the hair smoother and a little less textured. Try replacing the sea-spray with a volumizer and keeping the hair in place with a little hairspray.

If you’d like a more detailed ‘how to’ guide please let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll see what we can organise.

Double hair knot

Double hair knot

Other trends

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2011 hair trends: 2011 hairstyles for women

The year marks the true start of a new decade, and yet 2011’s fashion trends are all about revival. True, there is a unique undertone of a modernist style appearing, but take some of the most iconic styles of the 20th century, infuse them with quality, and you’ll find the basis for the dominant styles of 2011.

The year’s hair trends are no different. For fashionisers in 2011, hair is all about revivals and evolution. With styles and colours we’re seeing the best of 2010 reborn, whereas cuts are offering reworked and luxurious revivals of styles that sit perfectly with the year’s clothingtrends.

2011 hairstyles for women


What Do You Think Of The Punky Hair Color Trend?

What Do You Think Of The Punky Hair Color Trend?

First, it was rainbow nails. Now, it’s rainbow hair. Suddenly, the color du jour isn’t a sparkling Aniston blonde or a luscious Portman brunette. It’s an in-your-face neon yellow—or green, or pink. Yes, it seems the fashion flock is now embracing a trend that, while certainly not new—it’s been a stable of the club and music scene practically since hair dye was invented—is hardly mainstream. But now that a handful of top models and editors are punching (and punk-ing) up their hair color with streaks of vibrant color, once has to imagine it’s only a matter of time before a Glee girl is sporting fuchsia highlights.

What Do You Think Of The Punky Hair Color Trend?

Now sure, in recent years celebrities such Julia Roberts and Rachel McAdams sported a few conspicuously-placed vivid highlights while stepping out on a red carpet or two (and in both ladies’ cases, the pieces seemed to disappear from their heads within a matter of days). But the punky hair shades we’re seeing of late aren’t subtle whispers of color—they’re blasts of brightness. Dani Stahl, style director for Nylon and one of the coolest girls in all of fashion, debuted a shockingly bright ombre look at New Your Fashion Week this month (bottom phote; click here to read about how hair colorist Marie Robinson created Dani’s look). And at yesterday’s Fendi show in Milan (top photo), models walked the runways with ribbons of blue, green, or pink highlights woven throughout the hair. Seems as though next season, in addition to embracing the newest shadow and lip colors, we may also be embracing the newest shades of Manic Panic.

What do you think of the new punky hair color trend?

What Do You Think Of The Punky Hair Color Trend?


Top 10 Bridal wedding dress of shimmering fashion Week 2011

The list was selected from bridal fashion week spring 2011 by Glamour, Runway Report from 2001 and compiled from the campaign of wedding fashion brand. All the wedding dress is classified by the specific details and style, not so much by design.

Wedding dress shoulder blades most beautiful boy:

Top 10 Bridal wedding dress

Left shoulder blade used to coat the dress shirt is designed as tongues of boys face, hugging in the shoulder, giving the bride and Elites feminine but also very humble.

This wedding dress belonging to Jenny Packham. Thanks to the addition of ball material veil, sleeves and silver particles that sparkling engagement wedding dress more beautiful and attractive than ever.
Deviation plays the most beautiful

Top 10 Bridal wedding dress
Carolina Herrera’s bridal gown wedding dress is also a beautiful material. By the cuts may cascade and one shoulder design is exquisite, the bride looks really outstanding.

New York designer who has always brought fashion to honor products that marry classic beauty but for the modern bride.

Best road

Top 10 Bridal wedding dress
These brides want thin legs religious pieces and span steps can confidently refer to this design by Monique Lhuillier. This dress form but extremely sexy, but still maintain the simple elegance of the bride.

A bride has little body could still face the set of Monique Lhuillier.

And it’s nice to honor her bare shore.
Best Waist

Top 10 Bridal wedding dress
Under design by Angel Sanchez. Waist circumference was hit with a belt (waist) absolute courtesy. A dress style and character height can eat is great choice for the bride.
Min-best dress

Marchesa designer’s comment is Marie Clarie magazine celebrated this: “I do not know if I want to declare undying devotion in marriage before God and my family while wearing a dress white lace mini-cocktail, but maybe I was too nervous.

This wedding dress do you recall the video clip “November Rain”? However, the Marchesa to design a dress a bit more sedate than Stephanie Seymour wore when she married author with Axl.

With short designer dress, Marchesa is making a consideration in the minds of certain people.

Beautiful fishtail skirt

There can be no other than the brand owner Vera Wang wedding dress for the title is the most beautiful fish tail design.

Mermaid wedding dress supermodel Coco Rocha had been present in his last days and the wedding dress has become a symbol of the most charming of all types of skirts.Fishtail wedding dress is increasingly easy to fit more than the bride.

Beautiful details

Still belonged to Vera Wang.
Vera Wang is known as a fashion brand, even in the field of designing wedding gowns. In 2011, she continues to offer the most beautiful products and to his most creative stage.
And in which no subject is dominated Vera Wang or less prominent than with other brands. The more that Vera Wang gown added to your sprinkling a black ribbon tied strips contingency waist and hips, giving a beautiful dress fashionably.
Most romantic

Most impressive

Bring a new breath to the stage and mesmerized by Fashion Week 2011 wedding, Osca de la Renta has fascinated viewers with extremely daring design. All designed pair of Osca, we have a tea party with a bow and put a ball …
This article is complete theme wedding dress trends of 2011. Wish you great inspiration and the best for my wedding dress!

Collection spring-summer 2011 fashion by Max Azria

Soothing, soaring, airy but still elegant and charming are words that people can use to describe the collection of the latest American fashion brand BCBG Max Azria was performed on the catwalk of the Week New York fashion festival from 2010 to 2011.
Designer Max Azria has introduced a collection of very feminine at Fashion Week Spring – Summer 2011 Friday (10 / 9) just then at Lincoln Center (New York).
Seems like short skirts and neutral colors tend to dominate the BCBG Max Azria in the spring of next year. Besides, the collection also shows a clear shift in color from white to black.

The show began with a series of simple white dress, but luxurious, and then turn to the neutral colors such as nude, beiges, gray ash, and the striking colors such as yellow, orange, red and finally finish with black clothing.
However, the grams of white, gray, mustard and black colors were the most dominant performances on stage this time.

The audience watched the show Max Azria Spring 2011 labels feel satisfied by the open as sexy miniskirt, it evokes femininity, modern and very suitable for women who like to show off long legs its slimming.

In all of the spring collection was performed at New York Fashion Week 2011, the collection of BCBG Max Azria is judged to be more highly applicable. It is suitable for you in many circumstances and can bargain in the summer, regardless of day or night.

Here are some typical designs are BCBG Max Azria show last Wednesday on stage 6 of the Lincoln Center (New York):

Collection spring-summer 2011 fashion by Max Azria

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