3 Everyday Twisted Hairstyles to Try

Okay all you gorgeous dolls, have a nosey at these 3 everyday twisted hairstyles, get inspired and be prepared to earn instant style points!

Every girl wants to earn extra style points choosing a chic and cool hairstyle. Oh, but there are so many fab ideas you can achieve at home in no time and still look amazing. Yes, stunning hair doesn’t necessarily mean sculpted, uber-complicated ‘dos. When it comes to simple and simply wow-worthy tresses, you have a gazillion of possibilities! It is time to arm yourself with a few bobby pins, hairspray and a little patience, and let the fun begin! These 3 everyday twisted hairstyles can save you from all you bad hair days!

Boy oh boy, those twists look great! Besides, we love their speedy styling time! Three talented bloggers show us how to pull off some easy yet incredibly gorgeous hairstyles in an instant. However, even if they might sound boring and totally uninteresting, twists are in fact a great way to play around and try some interesting ‘dos. Take for example this achingly lovely twisted half up and half down spotted on bobbyglam.com.

  • Keep in mind that in order to get the look, you should add some curls beforehand. You can use the curling iron only on the ends of your hair. The best thing about this cute ‘do is that it just takes 5 minutes to achieve it. So, take a small section from the front of your hair and twist, pull back and over your curls and secure in place at the back of your head with some bobby pins. Do the same thing on the other side of your hair! The result? Well, have a nosey and see it for yourself!
  • When speaking about feminine, sophisticated hairstyles, one of the first things that comes up into our minds is the already classic and legendary chignon. But when the bun meets twists, we can easily talk about a super-stylish, modern and versatile ‘do that is both hippie chic and glamorous. So, this next whimsical chignon spotted on blanchemacdonald.com will certainly look great for casual or formal occasions, adding a special je ne sais quoi to your appearance.
  • Therefore, if you want to get the look, you should start by preparing your hair with a texturizer or volumizing mousse and add body by blowdrying with your fingers. Then, make a soft, center parting where the hair breaks naturally. Take a section of hair near your temple and twist away. Temporarily secure the end with a bobby pin as you do the same on the other side. Pull your hair back, take out the bobby pins and finish off with a loose, low and messy texturized bun or chignon. Secure your beautiful ‘do with bobby pins and spritz with shine spray and hairspray to hold.
  • Okay all you pretty dolls, we’ve already tried the waterfall braid, which seems to be an out-of-this-world ‘do, and now it’s time to go for something a little easier but with the same amount of awesomeness. Starting on one side of the head, take a hair section close to your parting and split it in half. Next, twist the bottom section over the top section, drop out the top piece and pick up a new one in its place. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Repeat the last step to create a waterfall twist.
  • When you reach the middle of the back of your hair, clip the end of the twist aside for later. Now, repeat the same steps on the other side of your head. Once you reach the middle of the back of your hair, tie the two twists together using a small elastic band. For an impeccable effect, you can choose to hide the elastic by wrapping it with a section of hair. Secure with bobby pins underneath. Finish with hairspray. Fancy and cool, this ‘do can save you from a bad hair day! Take a peek at hairandmakeupbysteph.com and try it for a maximum show-stealing flare!
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Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

A focus towards abstract prevails in the Prabal Gurung pre-fall 2013 collection which is filled with spectacular alternatives worth analyzing a bit closer.

For Prabal Gurung the pre-fall 2013 season is a fabulous opportunity to explore the geometric side of things and make the most of the beautiful geometric tendency that seems so eagerly embraced for the upcoming year. From construction to print choices, every detail highlights the eagerly embraced style direction the hottest new season alternatives are headed to. These main alternatives presented are beautifully balanced in the sense that there aren’t too many alternatives that fall in the masculine range and the feminine allure of the dresses is not exacerbated as one might have thought.

Body conscious dresses are once again stealing the spotlight and the emphasis on the waist is once again extremely high. By the designer’s own admission, the season is a great option for focusing on the technical side of things: “Pre-fall is a great time for me to work on fabrics and technical details and hone a collection before the fall rush.” The intention is materialized through a variety of creative contrasts both color and texture-wise. The color palette is permissive yet strictly limited to a fab set of options that stay within a well defined style perspective.

Creative abstract prints, fabulous cutouts, sheer touches are wrapped up in a classy allure that feels relaxed yet refined and has a distinguishable modern touch. The result is predictably spectacular and fashionistas from various age groups can appreciate the style perspective highlighted. Simple color combos seem to be the most effective in terms of high impact and elegance. Print lovers will definitely find plenty of fun alternatives. Accessories are kept at a minimum in order to keep the clothing pieces in the spotlight rather than creating several focal points which can prove distracting.

Despite their relative discreet allure, it is interesting to analyze the shoe trends in terms of perceived elements highlighted. Platforms will continue to dominate as far as preferred style is concerned since they beautifully combine the need for comfort with the unquestionable style benefits of high heels. There are certainly several style influences worth analyzing and replicating in this fabulous new Prabal Gurung collection.

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27 Piece Hairstyles

Achieve perfection without damaging your tresses using 27 piece hairstyles. Check out the following stylish looks and draw inspiration for your next sexy hairstyle!

The honeys that love to have perfectly styled locks every time know that the easiest way to getting fab hair without actually cutting your locks is through the use of hair weaves. If you’re not great at cutting your own locks, 27 piece hairstyles are the answer to your hair problems.

27 piece hair styles have actually been created to deliver a full closure weave without having to worry about cutting the length of your tracks as they feature pre-cut short hair tracks with various lengths that you’ll glue on to a stocking cap that you’ve applied over molded down hair. The result is a fabulous, natural looking short crop, so no wonder that beauty enthusiasts have been going wild for the technique, in particular the darlings that know how to rock a short hairstyle but are not willing to say goodbye to their long hair length permanently.

Now, 27 piece hairstyles in 2012 and 2013 are all about sexiness and the latest hair trends say that asymmetric short hairstyles and short pixie crops are the way to go when looking for an up-to-date look. To create an asymmetric crop which features a short length in the back and on one side of the head and stylish long, side swept bangs on the other, you’ll need a few extra, long length hair tracks that you can purchase individually and which you’ll cut to the desired length to ensure a perfect coverage and natural looking finish or you can try a 28 piece hair weave kit which can feature a bit of a longer length compared to the 27 piece hair weaves.
Are you a statement making diva? Then you should definitely insert some stylishly colored hair tracks when you’re styling your bangs as a sexy color always makes heads turn, but keep the color limited, opting for a few peek-a-boo highlights appearance or a stylish color block effect as too much color can make your hair look tacky and unnatural.

The great thing about asymmetric cuts is their versatility. 27 piece hairstyles made out of natural hair will enable you to play with the texture of your crop as well as its style, so experiment and keep your look ever-fresh by going for a contemporary 27 piece curly mohawk, 27 piece finger waves, a 27 piece curly or sleek straight style as either way you’ll look hot!

If you’re looking for something simpler, a stylish pixie or any other simple 27 piece short hairstyle that features a flawless application technique will do. It’s best to make sure your natural hair is completely covered and if you’re sporting a stylish short crop featuring an invisible part, you have to make sure not to keep a wide gap between the tracks and apply them so that the glued tracks are not visible. If the 27 piece hairstyle you’ve purchased doesn’t come with its own closure part, you can easily make your own so that it blends in perfectly with the rest of your hair. Just cut a section of the track using your sheers and glue the track circularly before you flat iron it to give it its shape.

The most popular shade women opt for is black, but you can go for other fab 27 piece hair style colors such as blonde, toffee, chocolate or any other shade that compliments your skin tone and style. Get creative and perfect your application skills and reveal the hottest short hairstyles using high quality, natural hair 27 piece weaves!

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Stylish Purple Makeup Ideas

Add some pizzazz to your look through the use of universally flattering purple pigments and if you’re lacking ideas, the following purple makeup looks will surely help guide you to perfection!

A great way to change your look is through the use of richly pigmented makeup products and one of the most popular colors right now is purple. The particularity of this color is its versatility as it can be mixed and matched to achieve various, universally flattering stylish purple makeup looks, so if you’re ready to add some pizzazz to your look, this is definitely a color to add to your beauty collection.

To achieve some of the most adventurous looks, it is advised to play with intense, high quality pigments as there are so many cool purple eye makeup colors available in various shades and textures that can contribute to the creation of an innovative stylish purple makeup look every time you desire. These pigments deliver a rich pigmentation on the lid from first stroke, as if the formulas are not of quality, you’re going to have a difficult time reaching that intensity that looks deep and dramatic and every bit as sexy as the makeup that you’ve imagined. From the sophisticated to the showgirl, there’s a stylish purple eye makeup to exploit, so try to take the following tips into consideration to ensure you achieve that illusion that says movie star from first glimpse.

If you’re looking for a look that feels mysterious yet sexy, opt for a cool violet eye shadow or a purple makeup and pair it with a cool and intense black that you’ll softly blend into the crease and the outer corner of the eye. The idea is to smoke up the area and create a sultry, seductive makeup look that no one can resist to. To add even more mystery to the look apply a black eyeliner pencil to the waterline and gently smudge the pencil into the lashes to intensify the eyes instantly. Finish the look with a black mascara and move on to defining your features using a blush and a neutral lipstick or lip gloss as this way your look will appear perfectly balanced. If you’re looking for more drama, pair your purple and black eye makeup with a vivid lip color, but keep in mind that this is a color combo that only works for evenings.

The honeys that are a bit more daring and love to play with vivacious pigments can opt for a cool purple and pink, purple and gold/copper, purple and orange, violet, lavender or any other shade mix, in shimmery or matte, that you feel could bring out your playful side. Create an alluring eye makeup by blending the shades well (a darker shades is mandatory for the crease) as this is the secret to a cool multi-chromatic eye makeup. These are lighter shades that can be paired with a white eyeliner smudged across the waterline to create the appearance of bigger, opened eyes. Depending on personal preference you can smudge a kohl eyeliner across the lash line to achieve a more sophisticated gaze, but either way your peepers will not go by unobserved provided that the colors are blended well. Finish your eye makeup with a bit of mascara and continue to define your facial features using neutral shades as this will help soften the overall look.
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Nails Inc Leather Effect ‘Bling It On Leather & Skulls’ Nail Polish Collection

Nails Inc is bombarded with requests for its latest innovative leather effect nail lacquers featured in the ‘Bling It On Leather & Skulls’ collection, so check out the addictive shades!

Nail art enthusiasts across the world are dying to get their hands on one of the year’s hottest nail lacquer launches: the Nails Inc Leather Effect ‘Bling It On Leather & Skulls’ nail sets. This seems to be the year of innovation when it comes to this particular domain and nail care brands have gone wild, reinventing the texture of their nail polish formulas. Keeping up with the new SS2013 trends, Nails Inc regrouped and focused its energy to create the hottest, most irresistible nail polish ever. Proof that their ideas worked is the waiting list that’s been constantly increasing since the unveiling of this fabulous, leather effect nail color collection.

Nails Inc’s ‘Bling It On Leather & Skulls’ nail polish collection features the most wanted nail polish shades of the year, so you’ll be able to achieve a whole new level of hotness with your new manicure. The collection brings to the fashion scene three leather effect nail polishes, a black, a neutral and a red, all with a matte, leathery texture that looks hot on its own. However, as if this wasn’t enough to get us hooked, Nails Inc paired its lacquers with four cool crystal embellished skull add-ons which can instantly bling-up the cool leather effect nail texture. It didn’t take long for fashionistas to give into temptation as style icons such as Alexa Chung opted for Nails Inc black leather nails (at the British Fashion Awards 2012), which only proves that this fabulous nail polish collection is as versatile as it is beautiful, so dare to spice up your mani with any of the following hues featured in the collection:

  • Noho – black
  • Shoreditch Lane – mulberry
  • Soho Mews – tan

Perfect for this winter and the upcoming seasons, the innovative leather effect nail polishes signed Nails Inc will surely be a great investment, so if you’re seeing the style potential of these nail lacquers, make sure you sign up for the brand’s waiting list as the collection is selling better than hotcakes.

The best things about leather effect nail polishes are the rich, opaque pigmentation and the cool leather effect that does not require the use of a top coat to work its magic. The polishes feature a limited edition leather effect cap that looks so fashionable and two pairs of crystal skull embellishments and glue, so you can amp up the glam factor of your fab nails any time you desire without too much fuss, so keep an eye on the collection and grab on to one of the hottest Nails Inc nail polishes yet!

Nails Inc Leather Effect Bling It On Leather & Skulls Nail Polish Collection
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Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Lady-like elegance defines the Oscar de la Renta pre-fall 2013 collection in its entirety. Take a glimpse at the label’s hottest per-fall alternatives.

Femininity is an expected allure when talking about Oscar de la Renta and the pre-fall 2013 collection certainly didn’t fall short as far as expectations are concerned. With balance and sophistication both expressed differently throughout the collection, with both uber elegant alternatives and less formal style options, the label gives a well rounded perspective of the defining style elements that will mark the upcoming season. Retro vibes become instantly distinguishable and ’70s style once again shows its potential to dazzle through the multifaceted creative approach.

Still, the options aren’t as romantic and as girly as one might expect. For the most part, things are fairly balanced and subtle and proportions are perfectly defined in order to draw attention precisely to the desired features. The abstract touch that began defining the Oscar de la Renta spring 2013 collection print-wise will still be popular in the final days of the warm seasons of the next year. Dresses and skirts are must haves in the retailers book and the options are as diverse as they can get.

From simple stripes and polka dotted patterns to complex motifs, the alternatives are extremely diverse and aim to satisfy more than one stylistic need at a time. Pleats, boleros, peplums, even knitted pieces or tweed jackets are only some of the alternatives the label has prepared for those in need of a touch of freshness before the next fall winter season. The emphasis on the waist is extremely clear and the flattering effect is incredibly powerful.

Then, there are the cocktail and evening dresses which raise the bar as far as elegance goes in an entirely different way. Whether we’re taking about mermaid style dresses or princess style gowns, the new designs pretty much ensure the fact that all eyes will be on the woman who chooses the luxury brand’s latest creations. For utter style perfection, accessories like gorgeous pointy pumps, belts, colorful clutches or romantic necklaces are among the stellar choices. Staying fabulous at all times seems a much easier option when using some of these gorgeous options as inspiration.

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Carolina Herrera Spring 2013 Handbags

Start the new season right by investing in all the right accessories. The new season alternatives are as diverse as they can get. The Carolina Herrera label focuses on elaborating the principles that made the label famous and that were encountered in the fall/winter 2012 collection as well: classy elements that manage to offer an incredible amount of versatility coupled with a fabulous color palette that aims to fulfill style needs of most of the modern fashionistas. The spring 2013 season brings a variety of fun variations and some of the most popular style options the label has brought up in the past as well as some new options which bring a bit of freshness to the new alternatives.





Bright tones are a great way of making a statement without necessarily limiting the right amount of options when it comes to outfit creation. Investing in accessories can be a great way to maximize the outfit alternatives while still maintaining things interesting and fairly fresh. Some of the new options have a feminine touch that immediately stands out. Alternatively, tassels are another interesting option that can work for those who are more interested in subtle options that still have a creative allure and a touch of novelty. As for the style of the handbag, need and occasion are the defining elements to sort by.





Photo courtesy of Carolina Herrera


River Island Party Wear Collection

Check out the latest River Island Party Wear Collection, choose your favourite goodies and get ready to win the spotlight!
by Emily Victoria

Okay, so, with festive days just around the corner it’s time we start adding some chic and hip goodies to our wardrobes. Don’t be afraid to steal the spotlight in some stunning goodies! From dresses to tops and heels, River Island is definitely one great source, delivering a wide range of clothes and accessories for every occasion. Check out the brand’s party wear collection and choose your favs!Well, the line features so many uber-fashionable pieces that can see you through the holiday season in style. Think a little black dress for a timeless, classic elegant appearance or channel a sexy Goth twist into your party looks with a sophisticated black velvet backless dress. For an easy shape with an on-trend edge, choose a black draped tube dress with gold tone studded shoulders and flattering shape.
Embrace the baroque trend and channel some girly prom styling into your party wardrobe picking a pink dip hem dress with an embellished neck detail in baroque formation! Absolutely fab!
Boy oh boy, River Island certainly understands the idea of cool party dressing. Besides the impressive parade of flirty dresses, the famous brand also brings some achingly lovely and chic tops, shirts and jumpers that you can easily match with a gold baroque velvet pencil skirt, a pair of sexy sequinned shorts or skinny jeans. You can also go glam with a heavily embellished playsuit that will add an instant wow-worthy effect to your looks.Since festive days also bring awfully chilly temperatures, it is extremely important to find something to keep you both cozy and trendy. Well, River Island has the great solutions! If you love a good jacket but it’s too heavy to party in it, the brand’s offerings could be the perfect answer to your prayers! There are black and sequinned blazers and some pretty cool jacket designs. Our ultimate crush? A jacket in sheer lace that is ideal for throwing over your party outfits to achieve that effortless biker cool with a girly twist.
Don’t forget to accessorize your party outfits with the right accessories! If you want to upgrade your simple combo in no time, choose a gold tone luxury embellished collar for an eastern-influenced bling. Besides, take the metallic trend up a notch with a vintage-inspired gold tone metal box clutch. Also, think diamante ball earrings, necklaces, cuffs, headbands, and rings. But, since no ensemble is complete without the right pair of shoes, River Island’s Party Wear Collection includes some fab killer heels such as those black studded strappy sandals with double buckle fastening. Have a nosey at the label’s line, pick the pieces you love the most and get the party started!
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Kendall Jenner Covers Miss Vogue Australia

Kendall Jenner graces Miss Vogue’s Australia latest cover looking extremely feminine and sophisticated. The 17-year-old brunette sat down for a chat with the magazine dishing on her beauty routine and her trip to Australia.
Kendall Jenner graces Miss Vogue’s Australia latest cover looking extremely feminine and sophisticated styled by Romy Frydman and lensed by photographer Russell James. The 17-year-old brunette sat down for a chat with the magazine dishing on her beauty routine and her trip to Australia.
On her most memorable moment while modelling, Kendall revealed that, “My most memorable moment was shooting for Miss Vogue today. And shooting Teen Vogue was pretty cool, actually.”

When it comes to her makeup favs, Kendall admits that, “My favourite make-up product is Lancôme mascara – got to have it. Armani foundation is pretty amazing, and all of Chanel’s make-up and beauty products are amazing.”
She also told the magazine that she learned a few tips from her sisters. “My sisters taught me to use eye creams, because it’s going to prevent what’s going to happen in the future. And also to moisturise regularly and use sunscreen,” Kendall said in the interview with Miss Vogue Australia.

Kendall began her modeling career by signing with the Wilhelmina modelling agency at age 14 and got her first modeling job for a Forever 21 campaign. But what would she do if she wasn’t a model? “I would go to school and hang out with my friends more,” the beautiful brunette told Miss Vogue.

Well, Kendall is best known for appearing on the E! reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Speaking about her favourite season of filming the show, the teenager confessed that, “Season one was really fun, because we were all having so much fun. Every day was hilarious and we were always laughing.”

On her trip to Australia, Kendall told the magazine that she didn’t have the chance to see too much. “I’m here in Australia with my mum and Russell James for his Nomad Two Worlds collaboration. We’ve only been in our hotel room, really, but next time I’m back I’d like to do more,” she explained.
Still, she admits that her sister, Kim, who was in Australia earlier, told her that she hardly waits to come back. “Kim told me that she loved Australia and couldn’t wait to come back. She also couldn’t stop talking about Tim Tams! I have a few friends who live out here and they were giving me lists of where to go, what to eat and what to buy,” Kendall says.

On her fave outfit from the photo shoot for Miss Vogue, Kendall said that, “The [Zimmermann] bathing suit that I wore with the cream-coloured shirt underneath. Australian designers are always so cute.”


Pixie Lott for Rock N’ Rose Accessories Collection

Pixie Lott teamed up with Rock N’ Rose in order to create a fabulous vintage-inspired accessory collection. Check out these goodies and get ready to spice up your combos!

Hooray! It’s time for a new super-cool collaboration! Well, this time, Pixie Lott teamed up with Rock ‘N Rose in order to create a fabulous 22-piece collection packed full with some achingly lovely accessories. The line features vintage-inspired floral headpieces, retro rings, statement necklaces and limited edition ’70s-inspired accessories.
“I have always been a huge fan of Rock ‘N Rose, so creating a collection for them was really exciting,” says Pixie. “My collection includes great trophy pieces for the party season as well as cool, quirky pieces such as the cat midi ring and layered cross necklaces, which are very ‘me’.”

We’re completely in love with the wide range of uber-gorgeous goodies guaranteeing to add interest to our holiday combos. Imagine yellow roses surrounded by lily of the valley sitting on a braided vine crown, bow headbands, and cute leatherette cat ears with diamante detailing to the front. “Wear these with your fave LBD for a ‘catwoman’ look! These cat ears are reversible so can be worn with diamantes for evening wear, or plain leather for a more subtle daytime approach,” Pixie says.

Pixie Lott for Rock N
Pixie Lott for Rock N
Speaking to Grazia Daily about the main source of inspiration behind her collection for Rock ‘N Rose, Pixie said that it has a vintage flare. “It is very vintage inspired and also has more modern statement necklaces and quirkier pieces like floral crowns, cat ears, and 60s bows,” the 20-year-old singer explained in the interview. “I just wanted to make this collection completely in my style, so every piece is something that I adore and would wear myself,” Pixie added.

The line also features cross necklaces, body chain harness, rhinestone chokers, vintage dangle cross earrings, overload cross bracelets, knuckle and double finger bow rings, and cocktail rings. “Definitely the dressiest ring of the collection – perfect teamed with a cocktail dress for an evening out! A total statement piece that wows alone but also looks amazing layered with other rings,” Pixie says about the outstanding ASMYN druzy stone cocktail ring.

Pixie Lott for Rock N
Pixie Lott for Rock N
Pixie Lott for Rock N
Pixie Lott for Rock N
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