Christian Dior ‘An Exceptional Christmas’ Holiday 2012 Campaign

Let the Dior ‘An Exceptional Christmas’ campaign for holiday 2012 be your source of inspiration for a dazzling look.

Do you dream about an exceptional Christmas? So does the Christian Dior label for which dreaming only about a white Christmas would be an unnecessary limitation, thus the “An Exceptional Christmas” by Dior was created. Featuring the Nimue Smit, the new campaign rounds up the hottest current offerings of the season. The Dior fall/winter 2012 campaign featuring Mila Kunis might have given an insight into the new offerings yet this vivid campaign tells the true story.

With a subtle hint of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and a total commitment to make the fabulous current goodies, this sure isn’t your typical Christmas lookbook. On the other hand, if you’re looking for cute Christmas party dresses, you’ll definitely find some fab alternatives worth checking out. Fabulous and seductive, the new gowns will never make you worry about looking tacky. Still, if you’ve already picked out your party looks, accessories might be more of a relevant area of focus for you.

Whether they are presented in the middle of a multitude of butterflies or as a simple addition to an outstanding outfit, the handbags from the new fashion campaign are undoubtedly some of the most attention grabbing items. Functionality and the desire to stand out are beautifully merged in the newest designs. As a result both versatile options and more vibrantly toned alternatives are offered for those looking for classy accessories to refresh their looks.

Many of the same style concepts apply for the shoes presented in the new collection. Gorgeous pumps with the potential to take you to new style heights are some the suggestions you can instantly use to perk up your look for the upcoming holidays. Make sure you dress to impress with these spectacular style suggestions for a memorable holiday. Investing effort in our looks definitely pays off, so make sure to do your best to shine during these festive days.

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Massimo Dutti Holiday 2012 Accessories

Love classy accessories? The Massimo Dutti holiday 2012 accessories can sure prove a delight, then. Have a look at the new offerings and see for yourself.

Just because there’s so little time left until the holidays, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give outfit-enhancing accessories a thought. The Massimo Dutti label has used the holidays as an opportunity to bring versatile yet fab accesssories to complement outfits for months to come. This time the well known brand has decided to play up more on the sophisticated high-end touch than the casual easy going allure it has previously brought and with good reason. This doesn’t mean however that you can’t use these to amp up your casual looks.Taking both classiness and comfort into account, the label manages to bring season appropriate items that will prove a spectacular choice for those who shop pragmatically and put functionality among their most important priorities. From roomy handbags, comfy yet stylish tall boots or ballet flats, wallets, classy gloves and many more, the label ensures that the new offerings meet as many style needs as possible. If you’re looking to replace some of your signature accessories, it definitely pays off to give some of these options a thought.

The color palette is one thing that brings the already classy designs to the state of absolute perfection as far as functionality goes. These tones literally go with everything, so if a well set routine is one of the things you count on to look gorgeous without a lot time or complex decisions, these new offerings sure can fit the role perfectly. Discreet touches can make more of an impact than loud pieces and this is exactly the concept that is beautifully reflected here.With these thoughts in mind, one can definitely feel inclined to start making up some new year style resolutions. A little style analysis can go a long way in helping you decide your style goals for the near future. Such a strategy can make your shopping sessions both more productive and more satisfactory. Are you a style diva that likes to be recognized for your edgy choices or are you more of a classy style lover who loves things with a timeless allure? Do your current choices reflect who you are? Pledge to better decisions in the year to come and dare to show off your personality.

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Giuseppe Zanotti Spring 2013 Shoes

The spring season might seem far off now, however, knowing the defining trends early on can be extremely useful in helping not to feel as overwhelmed by the possibilities as you would if you’d get a hold of the trends only then. The label Giuseppe Zanotti has set the trends on more than one occasion and the spring 2013 can definitely be a good candidate for the trendsetter title. Glam and sophistication steal the spotlight and make shoe lovers want to pause and analyze everything more in depth.

Chains, fringes, intricate cutouts, sheen, metallic elements… name your favorite textural style influence and you’ll most likely find it in one of the designs in one way or another. Rather than doing a highly specialized thematic collection, the label opts for style diversity and eye-catching vibes all highlighted in the refined and well defined manner the label has gotten everyone used to over the years. Complex styles seem to gain the spotlight in detriment of the tried and tested styles that stay within a neutral zone.









Sophia Webster Spring 2013 Shoes

New shoe designers are setting the tone for the spring 2013 season and it seems that they mean business as designer Sophia Webster demonstrates through her latest shoe collection. The designer that graduated from the Royal College of Art and Cordwainers in 2010 evolved under the wing of Nicholas Kirkwood and it seems that her time spent as design assistant for the renowned shoe designer served her well as her spring 2013 shoe collection is absolutely stunning.

Sophia Webster fused all these interesting elements with a bit of tropical hotness, using palm tree patterns and sunrise to sunset pigments, thus giving the designs a sizzling, playful allure. Featuring varied designs including classic pumps, innovative heart shaped heel shoes, stiletto heels, wedges, peep toe sandals and flats, the collection aims to attract the attention of women who adopt different styles, so dare to browse through the fun yet feminine shoe collection signed Sophia Webster for spring 2013 and see if any of the designs match your personality perfectly!


Cesare Paciotti Fall 2012 Shoes

The latest Cesare Paciotti collection is definitely a shoe lover’s delight. Browse through the variety of elegant and trendy new options from the Italian designer for fall/winter 2012.

Dark outfits can definitely benefit from a little color therapy and the shoes are often a good choice. A multitude of designs is targeted to evening wear, a grand selection simply tackles fun and flirty options that are sure to zap away boredom out of most outfits. Think studs, large buckles, exotic skin textures, lace or simply bold tones when trying to change up the overall vibe of an outfit. Platforms are a great choice for adding a sexy touch to your looks and can prove fairly versatile.




Suede and leather are definitely two great options if you’re looking for durability and sophistication, so the label focuses mostly on them. Still, metallic details and sequins are brought into the spotlight for a variety of edgy and invariably eye-catching options that are bound to leave a powerful impression and help you stand out from the crowd every single time. There are options for a variety of comfort levels, but each has the power of transforming the way you feel.





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Casadei Fall 2012 Shoes

Get ready to have your peepers hypnotized by the beauty of Casadei’s fall 2012 shoe designs. From sexy neon-black color mix pumps and ankle booties to sexy thigh high boots with encrusted stiletto heels, the collection delivers all the sexiness and style you can hope for this fall, so browse through the collection and pick your favorites!

Shoes might have been invented out of necessity, but nowadays shoes are the ultimate accessory in the fashion world as their style completing power is irrefutable. The sky is the limit when it comes to shoe designs as each season new designs hit the fashion scene, so if you’re looking for statement, high quality shoes to help you polishing your style to perfection, turn your attention towards Casadei. The brand always amazes with its innovative shoes and its fall 2012 designs demonstrate the qualities that helped push the brand to the top of ‘shoeaholics’ preferences.

It might seem a bit weird to start prepping ahead since summer for the fall 2012 season, but if you wish to make sure you’re all ‘trendiliscious’, you have to take your time and plan your wardrobe carefully. You’re gonna put an immense pressure on your budget if you’re thinking of grabbing a hold of the trendiest fall outfits and accessories at the beginning of the season, so start early and plan your budget and wardrobe style ahead to start off the new season in style without too much fuss. The fall 2012 fashion season has put on display an array of trendy styles to suit women with different personalities and to match the needs of the fashion scene, shoe designers took the same path and went crazy with their shoes.

The possibilities are endless, so no wonder that Casadei’s fall 2012 shoe collection puts on display an array of oh-so-fabulous shoes that range in style from thigh-high boots to classic boots and classic pumps. With both vintage and contemporary influences, the shoe collection lures in attention like a magnet as besides the fabulous design, the shoes display some of the most deluxe fabrics such as crocodile leather, patent leather and suede.
We detect a bit of a fetish-theme when looking at the thigh-high boots that display either an embellished stiletto heel or an edgy looking platform, and at the strappy red patent leather ankle booties. Their soft approach to edginess exudes a high dose of sexiness, making them a perfect style booster for women that want to look sexy and fashionable while still making a statement.

For the contemporary woman, Casadei chose to put on display lovely boots, ankle booties and platform pumps that display either fur elements, fringes or a cool three-tone neon and black coloration that is bound to steal attention. Feminine, sexy, modern yet not too bold, the designs are a perfect choice for the divas hat want to be in the center of attention without looking like they’re even trying.

Obviously, classic designs such as equestrian-style boots tall and medium cut and various pumps are a necessity as classic designs never fall out of style. From simple black to pretty pink/red/navy mix and red these designs will help complete any classic wardrobe, so grab on to your favorite shoes and make sure you’re not falling low on options this fall. Casadei’s fall 2012 shoes feature all the new season must haves, so grab on to your favorite pairs and flaunt your shoes from day to evening like a true diva!







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Charlotte Olympia ‘Runaway Bride’ Shoe Collection 2012

Kiss Me Dolores, Love Dolly, Love Me, Minerva, Paloma, Polly and Serena. These are the beauties featured in the latest Charlotte Olympia Runaway Bride shoe collection 2012 that will ensure brides-to-be a memorable, statement-making entrance. On the big day, walk down the aisle in style choosing a pair of notice-me-now shoes. And Charlotte Olympia’s achingly gorgeous offerings are definitely worth taking into consideration. Take a sneak peek and choose your favorite pair!

Charlotte Olympia 'Runaway Bride' Shoe Collection 2012










Charlotte Olympia Fall 2012 Shoes

We were swooning over high-street designer shoes of the past season. Now, here’s the Charlotte Olympia fall 2012 shoe collection which has the potential to tame our cravings for statement accessories.
The girls of the Dellal family turned the world of contemporary fashion upside-down with their amazing contribution to the development of modern trends and design elements. While Alice managed to become one of the most impressive supermodels on the runway and ad campaigns, Charlotte dazzled the world with her fun and flirty shoe designs. The series of shoe collections which popped up on the catwalk and on the market curbed the cravings of ‘it’ girls for statement and original accessories.
The Charlotte Olympia fall 2012 shoes repertoire lines up an impressive array of platform pumps and strappy sandals. Offering a memorable visual experience, these colorful footwear models engrave themselves in the style-consciousness of the fashion fold. The brand Charlotte Olympia is synonymous with the modern femininity. Indeed, the ingenious couturier is not afraid of working with old time glamor elements in order to guarantee the feminine and sophisticated aura of these amazing accessories. All hail the love affair of shoemakers with distinguishing design patterns which give birth to these stellar wardrobe staples.


Charlotte Dellal’s cutting-edge attitude towards shoe designs succeeded in mesmerizing numerous celebs from Hollywood. Blake Lively, Beyonce and Katy Perry are often spotted wearing her creations both for special and more casual events. The distinguishing features like the gold spider web on the sole, the moon face on the side of pumps and the amazing color blocks guarantee the innovative and fun quality of these gorgeous footwear styles. As we find out from the designer, each of these shoes was handcrafted in ateliers from Italy using sophisticated and first-rate materials. The star pieces of the autumn/winter collection are the amazing platform pumps with golden soles along with charming sandals in neutral and technicolor adorned with a tiny maid-style ruffle.

By using Swarovski crystals, refined leather and suede Charlotte Dellal guarantees the high-class elegance of these accessories worthy of a red carpet event. For the cold season we have the chance to rock a set of poetic pumps decorated with animal prints, romantic floral details and rainbow patterns. Charlotte Dellal also provides us with a fantastic pair of wedges glammed up with musical notes. Create a head-turning impression with glitzy and glamorous pumps covered with crystals in classy neutrals or their colorful version. The creative style godmother also thought about fashionistas who don’t shy away from killer-heels and furnishes the style pack with a few patterned shoes with cool stiletto heels.

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Brian Atwood Resort 2012 Shoe Collection

Make sure you step into the new season in style with the help of Brian Atwood’s stylish resort shoe collection. In 2012 variety dominates the fashion scene, so prepare to resist the beauty of an array of fab shoe designs. Take a peek at the lovely shoe collection signed Brian Atwood and pick your new season favorites!
A girl can never have enough shoes and designer Brian Atwood has just proved that through the launch of his new resort shoe collection for 2012. Apparently, the designer turned towards his bottomless bag of ideas as versatility dominates the entire collection. An array of fabulous shoe designs that seem to be perfect for day-wear as well as evening wear were presented by the designer, shoes that dare you to resist them. With perfect soft or sophisticated lines, stylish colors, mixed textures and styles, the collection seems a perfect choice to debut the new season in style, so browse through each of the designs and pick your new season favorites.
To mix comfort with style, designer Brian Atwood opted for different heel designs that varied from vintage hourglass-like shape to chunky and stiletto for his heeled shoes and raffia wedged for his flats. High heels are a definite must have in every women’s wardrobe and if you’re not all that into high heel styles, the new heels signed Brian Atwood will probably make you reconsider as they are fantastic. From sexy summer ankle booties featuring peep toe details, cuts and embellishments to stylish platform pumps, sexy sandals and comfy wedges and flats, anything goes and the collection made the best out of every style through sophisticated detailing, intricate cuts or color mixing.

The sophistication of the designs is only topped by the high quality fabrics such as leather to patent leather, calfskin, snakeskin, lace and suede, fabrics which give an ultra-deluxe style to the collection and a very appealing look. Embellishments were also mandatory as statement designs are in high demand, so prepare to be enchanted by stylish heavy fringed details, sophisticated beading details and metallic circle applications. Nothing too bold or too flashy, just a perfect coordination between edgy and classic, so dare to experiment and play-up your look by sporting various shoe designs as shoes can instantly transform the look of an outfit.

The color palette Mr. Atwood chose for his resort collection matches perfectly the new season, so no wonder that brights and pastels dominated the scene. Royal blue, turquoise, soft pink, orange as well as neon hues made the delice of the designs. Cool colors were featured in the collection as well to offer a more subtle, classical approach for women who embrace classic elegance, so tones of deep purple and black couldn’t have missed from the collection. Whether monochrome or featuring a mixture of hues, the shoes are definitely worth your attention, so browse through each of the designs and find out which styles suit you best.