Erin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Erin Fetherston’s pre-fall 2013 collection is filled with feminine, romantic and flirty goodies! Check it out and get ready to add a pretty flare to your combos!

Cheers to a new year with some amazingly fab and fresh pre-fall 2013 collections! Oh yes, we are totally head over heels with these goodies and there’s no denying that some of the designers managed to impress the audience with a zillion of to-die-for ensembles. For those of your who aren’t so much into getting wild with their fashion choices, there is always a softer option. And the new Erin Fetherston pre-fall 2013 collection is definitely a great choice when it comes to all-things-pretty and romantic.

“Pre-fall is about capturing the last spark of summer,” Erin Fetherston told Well, catching the essence of sunny, warm days can easily be done with a dress. Indeed, an ethereal gown is a summer essential that every girl should own in her wardrobe. And it seems that Fetherston ‘s recent trip to Los Roques, an archipelago in Venezuela, became a source of inspiration for her new collection filled with whimsical pieces that scream maximum femininity, flirtatiousness and prettiness. So summery and romantic, the line features gorgeous dresses, shorts and peplum tops.

Erin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 Collection
Erin Fetherston’s pre-fall 2013 collection is packed full with sexy yet lovely dresses that guarantee to add instant style points to your look. Well, just check out these beauties and see it for yourself! These stunners are achingly adorable and delicate and we heart every single one of them. The line is the result of a process that requires some really hard work.
“I work all the time,” she said in an interview with the Fall 2012 issue of Downtown Magazine. “But I love it – it doesn’t feel like work, so it’s like a dream come true. Gabe and I always joke: little boys want to grow up and be rock stars and little girls want to be fashion designers, so kids get so excited to meet us as a couple.”

Seeing her pre-fall 2013 super-stylish and chic we must admit we’re happy she decided to present her collection off-calendar at the Haute Couture shows in January 2005, at the suggestion of a journalist friend. “I look back at the collection now and it just totally looks like a student show,” she told Downtown Magazine. “I can’t even believe I had the guts to do it. But for whatever it was worth, it was a good way to get started. And you’ve got to start somewhere,” the famous designer added.

Erin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

H&M Spring 2013 Preview

H&M is bringing fun back into fashion with the help of brights, pastels and darks, so take a sneak-peek at the styles that will rock the spring 2013 fashion scene at H&M!

Swedish retail brand H&M is putting the fun back into fashion as the brand chose to re-energize the fashion scene with its spring 2013 creations. A preview of H&M‘s spring 2013 collection proves that in the upcoming season affordable-priced fashion enthusiasts will have all the necessary props to look and feel fresh and fabulous, so no wonder that the sneak-peak given by the label got fashionistas buzzing with excitement.

The designs have comfort and style written all over as H&M knows what the ladies want when it comes to everyday fashion, so it’s no surprise that the outfits that have been leaked by the label include stylish biker jackets, achromatic and colorful skinny jeans, lovely knitted sweaters, a colorful display of cardigans, flirty tops, skirts and many other fashion items and designs that have reached a high level of popularity in fashion and that will tempt you from first glimpse.

The spring 2013 fashion scene has been focused on reviving clean and chic elements to balance the statement styles that have dominated the fashion world for quite a few seasons now, and it seems that this is the path to style H&M also chose to take with its newest collection, a back to the basics style path that comes as a breath of fresh air after a season dominated by dark tones, glamor overload and statement elements.
Honeys that love pretty pastels will have a blast mixing and matching their favorite H&M garments this spring as the designs display wonderful, soft and warm feel pigments that will sweep you off your feet as who can resist the fresh and feminine allure of pink tones, soft peach, baby blue, mint green, mauve, turquoise and yellow?! However, achromatic pigments and earth tones were also featured in the collection to give balance and contrast, so dare to mix and match as the options are limitless this upcoming season.

The wearability level that characterizes this collection is quite impressive as each and every garment looks chic and relaxed, so be warned that this particular collection will hypnotize you into spending more than you planed since the designs exude an addictive effortlessly chicness!

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Gucci Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

The Gucci pre-fall 2013 collection brings a fabulous ‘femme fatale’ allure which radiates boldness and sophistication. Get a glimpse of the hottest new designs.

A new era seems to be the main focus for the pre-fall 2013 fashion. If the ’70s have been the main source of inspiration for some of the most popular creations of the past season, it seems that now the ’50s are taking over and Gucci is one label that believes reinterpretations from the glamorous era should set the tone for the new season. Femininity is once again the attribute that is highlighted yet not in the delicate, romantic allure we generally see it represented.

For Frida Giannini adding drama and a sense of power that is completely opposite to the ‘damsel in distress’ mantra was the important aspect that defined the collection: “This is a contemporary femme fatale who relishes her own dark mood. Armed with an invulnerable aesthetic, she has an elusive sensuality — like the protagonist in a game of pursuit” the designer told With these thoughts in mind, the complete focus on extremely well defined proportions and rich tones immediately create the sense of refinement and intentional contrast that instantly demand attention.

Creating the ‘femme fatale’ vibe relies on a series of well defined touches. Animal prints are, hands down, the best choice for highlighting boldness from the brand’s perspective and as such they are an important part of the new collection. The geometric vibe that proves so incredibly important as far as the 2013 fashion trends are concerned is beautifully reflected through classy pieces that form fabulous ensembles where proportions are beautifully defined.

High waist skirts, gorgeous long gloves, classy and classical dresses, simple sweaters paired up with high impact accessories are some of the must haves of the new collection. The new designs might seem like a far-cry from the relaxed allure of the resort 2013 creations, yet this is precisely the impact that makes loyal customers and hardcore fashionistas alike maintain interest and remember the new creations of the luxury label.

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Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

A focus towards abstract prevails in the Prabal Gurung pre-fall 2013 collection which is filled with spectacular alternatives worth analyzing a bit closer.

For Prabal Gurung the pre-fall 2013 season is a fabulous opportunity to explore the geometric side of things and make the most of the beautiful geometric tendency that seems so eagerly embraced for the upcoming year. From construction to print choices, every detail highlights the eagerly embraced style direction the hottest new season alternatives are headed to. These main alternatives presented are beautifully balanced in the sense that there aren’t too many alternatives that fall in the masculine range and the feminine allure of the dresses is not exacerbated as one might have thought.

Body conscious dresses are once again stealing the spotlight and the emphasis on the waist is once again extremely high. By the designer’s own admission, the season is a great option for focusing on the technical side of things: “Pre-fall is a great time for me to work on fabrics and technical details and hone a collection before the fall rush.” The intention is materialized through a variety of creative contrasts both color and texture-wise. The color palette is permissive yet strictly limited to a fab set of options that stay within a well defined style perspective.

Creative abstract prints, fabulous cutouts, sheer touches are wrapped up in a classy allure that feels relaxed yet refined and has a distinguishable modern touch. The result is predictably spectacular and fashionistas from various age groups can appreciate the style perspective highlighted. Simple color combos seem to be the most effective in terms of high impact and elegance. Print lovers will definitely find plenty of fun alternatives. Accessories are kept at a minimum in order to keep the clothing pieces in the spotlight rather than creating several focal points which can prove distracting.

Despite their relative discreet allure, it is interesting to analyze the shoe trends in terms of perceived elements highlighted. Platforms will continue to dominate as far as preferred style is concerned since they beautifully combine the need for comfort with the unquestionable style benefits of high heels. There are certainly several style influences worth analyzing and replicating in this fabulous new Prabal Gurung collection.

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Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Lady-like elegance defines the Oscar de la Renta pre-fall 2013 collection in its entirety. Take a glimpse at the label’s hottest per-fall alternatives.

Femininity is an expected allure when talking about Oscar de la Renta and the pre-fall 2013 collection certainly didn’t fall short as far as expectations are concerned. With balance and sophistication both expressed differently throughout the collection, with both uber elegant alternatives and less formal style options, the label gives a well rounded perspective of the defining style elements that will mark the upcoming season. Retro vibes become instantly distinguishable and ’70s style once again shows its potential to dazzle through the multifaceted creative approach.

Still, the options aren’t as romantic and as girly as one might expect. For the most part, things are fairly balanced and subtle and proportions are perfectly defined in order to draw attention precisely to the desired features. The abstract touch that began defining the Oscar de la Renta spring 2013 collection print-wise will still be popular in the final days of the warm seasons of the next year. Dresses and skirts are must haves in the retailers book and the options are as diverse as they can get.

From simple stripes and polka dotted patterns to complex motifs, the alternatives are extremely diverse and aim to satisfy more than one stylistic need at a time. Pleats, boleros, peplums, even knitted pieces or tweed jackets are only some of the alternatives the label has prepared for those in need of a touch of freshness before the next fall winter season. The emphasis on the waist is extremely clear and the flattering effect is incredibly powerful.

Then, there are the cocktail and evening dresses which raise the bar as far as elegance goes in an entirely different way. Whether we’re taking about mermaid style dresses or princess style gowns, the new designs pretty much ensure the fact that all eyes will be on the woman who chooses the luxury brand’s latest creations. For utter style perfection, accessories like gorgeous pointy pumps, belts, colorful clutches or romantic necklaces are among the stellar choices. Staying fabulous at all times seems a much easier option when using some of these gorgeous options as inspiration.

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Neiman Marcus Resort 2013 Trends

If you’re ready to reclaim your fashion icon status and show off the real meaning of empowerment, you need to adapt to the new season trends and Neiman Marcus has the guideline to resort 2013 style all worked out. Putting the hottest designer garments on full display, the popular high end retail store shows the elements that stand between you and an iconic style, so gain terrain in the fashion domain and turn yourself into a total fashionista by making sure the hottest fashion items from the resort 2013 fashion scene occupy a top spot in your wardrobe.

Resort wear provides not only garments to bring out the diva in you while vacationing in warm weather destinations, but designs that you’ll be able to enjoy well into the summer season also, meaning your new resort wear can be labeled as a great investment.

A quick glimpse at Neiman Marcus’s resort 2013 trends lookbook is enough to turn up your energy and enable you to see that feminin style still has the power to make women look genuinely powerful and glowing. The designs don’t necessarily concentrate on dresses, as other pieces such as tailored trousers, flirty skinny jeans, jumpsuits, the shirt dress, boyfriend blazers, stylish tops and flirty skirts also have a top spot reserved, as do the stylish accessories that complete the look of any outfit.

This upcoming season, color plays a huge role when it comes to style as Neiman Marcus’s collection points out, so opt for cool blue tones, spectrum-spanning accessories, pretty pastels and orange tones which are apparently the new neutrals.

Vibrant prints that range from nature scenery prints to flirty floral and psychedelic prints should definitely be on your mind when putting your wardrobe together, so splash-out on the coolest prints that suit your bubbly personality as they sky is the limit when it comes to fabulous prints.

Last but not least, a total must have is the warm-weather leather garment, so choose your faves from gorgeous designs that range from dresses to vests, skirts, jackets, tops and leggings as there are numerous fashionable designs to suit your style, so focus on the new and say bye to your old wardrobe to make sure you look sizzling this upcoming season whether you’re all dressed-up or sporting a casual attire!

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Reserved Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Lookbook

The new Reserved fall/winter 2012-2013 lookbook is a great source of inspiration for fashionistas who love to stand out from the crowd putting together to-die-for ensembles! Check it out!

So, with cold weather already here, it’s time to start flaunting our fashion credentials trying to-die-for combinations. We’ve recently came across the latest Reserved fall/winter 2012-2013 lookbook and had to share it with you. From romantic to Gothic, the brand has you covered. There is a fusion of simple 60s-inspired shapes and feminine elements like peplums and ruffles with a modern flare. If you’re the romantic type of girl, check out those shades of pink, yellow, lilac and green mixed with soft beige.

Reserved FallWinter 2012-2013 Lookbook

Reserved FallWinter 2012-2013 Lookbook2

Reserved FallWinter 2012-2013 Lookbook3

Reserved FallWinter 2012-2013 Lookbook4

Reserved FallWinter 2012-2013 Lookbook5

Reserved FallWinter 2012-2013 Lookbook6

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LNA Fall 2012 Collection

LNA Fall 2012 Collection

The LNA fall 2012 collection unveils various basic wardrobe staples that pack a little bit of edge, so check out the chic and trendy collection!

The fall 2012 collection signed LNA clothing brings that casual Californian chicness that always makes heads turn through each and every design. This particular detail paired with a high dose of attention focused on detail and the use of high quality fabrics, makes the brand a definite must for the honeys that love to overlap aesthetics with comfort. California-based label LNA managed to gather a massive amount of attention through the basic wardrobe staples that pack just the right amount of edginess, making it a choice for numerous celebrities that are known for their impeccable fashion style.



LNA’s fall 2012 collection takes a feminine, boho-soft grunge turn to fashion and style and it seems that this approach couldn’t have been more appropriate as the new season was definitely in need of some rather simplistic designs that still had that must have boldness attached to them to make them eye catching and worthy of the modern, urban style girls of today. The attention was divided in equal manner between dresses and skinny-fit trousers paired with stylish pullovers, comfy simple tees, shirts and the seasonal must have leather jackets.




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H&M July 2012 Lookbook

Simple, effective and spectacular. These words summarize the variety of gorgeous ensembles which manage to capture our complete attention in the H&M July 2012 lookbook. Check out Barbara Palvin, Marloes Horst and the newly brunette Jessica Stam rocking H&M’s goodies for summer 2012!
A handful of mid season style inspirations are comprised in the comprehensive H&M July 2012 lookbook. Refined touches blend with casual vibes for a variety of fun outfit alternatives that can prove extremely easy to replicate. Furthermore, the options have a versatile component which ultimately makes the choices even more appealing. Injecting fabulous touches into seemingly ordinary outfits is just a matter of perspective for the Swedish label.

Figuring out the right proportions is key for creating that alluring vibe which makes us all want to take a closer look. In the variety of ultra versatile clothes, the label also introduces a few trendy vibes. From the animal prints to stripes to feminine lacy details, the simple yet effective elements have a strong impact on the overall tone of the outfits. Feminine touches are still very much present without necessarily being the conventional meaning of things where all you get to see is a variety of dresses and skirts to fit the conventional idea of the concept.


Focusing on bold tones is still extremely recommended even if you don’t indulge in the whole idea of color blocking. A bold tone which matches your skin tone can be the easiest way of standing out with very little effort. From versatile short dresses to fun tees, the concepts remain the same. By directing attention where you want it to go and also using just enough color to avoid blending in with the crowd you can instantly create a fun outfit that will get you the positive attention you crave.

The transition from polished to relaxed or feminine to sporty isn’t as different as one might expect. Much of the same style rule applies and often it’s accessorizing that makes the difference. In this area, the label offers a few extremely covetable choices especially when it comes to jewelry as chunky necklaces regain spotlight. Keeping things classy is fairly easy when the footwear of choice is black pumps or pointy wedges which immediately project a polished image.


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