How to Style a Knotted Chignon

It’s amazing how much a simple hair styling technique can transform your look, so get your hair looking fabulous by learning the knotted chignon technique presented step-by-step in a fab tutorial, next!
A perfectly polished hairstyle can do wonders for your overall image, so become a hair style icon by learning how to create intricate hairstyles with a minimum amount of effort. A classy ‘do such as a knotted chignon can be a perfect party season hairstyle to try if you have a medium to long hair length, and learning the steps to styling this particular updo won’t take too much effort or time, so take a peek at our pick of best DIY salon-look hair styling tutorial created by Lilith Moon and give your locks a ‘styleover’ fit for formal or informal occasions.

This party-season knotted updo looks amazing and can be created on various hair textures but if you’re looking for a total glam effect, opt for a sleek straight hair texture instead as this way the intricate looking knots will be enhanced to perfection, making the visual effect worthy of a diva. This high-fashion hairstyle will definitely make you stand out of the crowd from the office to the dance-floor, so start working your hair to perfection by styling it sleek straight and detangling it o make it easier to work with. If you have fine hair, apply a bit of styling mousse on your locks as this will provide adherence and extra hold, so your cool knotted chignon won’t come undone easily.



Starting from the crown of the head, separate the hair horizontally, going from one temple to another and then separate the hair into two. Next, smooth the hair and create a stylish knot by passing one of the strands under-over-back under again before proceeding just like you would when styling a cool French-braid by taking hair from each part and adding it to the hair strand closest to it and then continue to style another knot.

Try to keep the knots centered by feeling with your fingers the line of the hair as you style. Repeat the steps until you’ve reached the nape of the neck, taking hairs from both sides of the head (as symmetrically as possible) and adding them to the hair strands you’re using to create the knots with.

Once you’ve reached the nape of the neck, secure the hair using a thin hair elastic and from now on your options are numerous. You can opt to create various styles depending on your mood, meaning you can opt for a slightly different approach every time you wish by keeping the hair waved into a cool poly, by creating a cool twisted updo or by keeping things simple and braiding the hair then wrapping it around the base of the elastic before securing it in place using bobby pins.

This is a look that works wonders from day to evening, so keep your hair simple or amp up the glam factor by adding hair accessories to the look, depending on what you feel like doing with your locks. Finish by applying a bit of hair spray for extra hold and smooth out any flyaway hairs and dust on some shine spray if you wish to make your locks look glossier than ever.

This technique brings fabulous hair to your fingertips, so start styling and get your locks looking like those of an off-duty supermodel!

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Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 Handbags

Watch out for the new repertoire of ultra-sophisticated and seductive Diane von Furstenberg fall 2012 handbags and clutches.
Besides being the president of the CFDA, Diane von Furstenberg succeeds also in building up her own fashion realm. Throughout the years we had the chance to witness the rise of the DVF label which celebrates the image of a seductive and sensual woman. The Diane von Furstenberg fall 2012handbag collection emanates a playful yet refined femininity. According to the designer, the autumn fashion show was “about seduction”.
Together with her assistant Yvan Mispelaere, Diane von Furstenberg is aware of the ever changing style needs of fashionistas. Therefore, the sight-pampering color combo ideas together with the use of joyful and cartoonish elements were welcomed with open arms by ‘it’ girls of the moment. Loud and proud shades hand in hand with the most refined neutral tones trapped the audience into an amazing fall reverie. The highly-acclaimed designer revealed about the modern DVF girl that “The night is young; she is timeless.”

Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 Handbags

The past season’s collections didn’t offer similar importance to busy prints. However, innovation for the DVF lies in the use of revolutionary and attention-grabbing details never used with such flirty refinement before. Puzzle pieces, chains and domino are the elements meant to add a youthful vibe to these high-street bag designs. Surrealism gave a unique and prophetic vibe to the complete collection. Bag-aholics who are intrigued by original and artsy clutches and shoulder-bags have the opportunity to embed some of these A-list DVF style creations into their wardrobe.

Moreover, we could also detect a fondness for the oh-so-widely-used color-blocking trend. However, in the case of the latest DVF collection we have a more intriguing color palette which results in a set of amazing chromatic compositions. Parisian chic elements were also used to add a neat and sophisticated silhouette to gorgeous handbags adorned with refined faux fur and chain handles. According to DVF, the signature clothing style in which you can easily incorporate these bag designs is “effortless and elaborate”. Colors like lime green, aubergine, bright blue and dark tones guarantee the versatility of the handbag collection for fall.

Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 HandbagsDiane von Furstenberg Fall 2012 Handbags

China Glaze Crackle Glitters Summer 2012 Nail Polishes

China Glaze has managed once again to surprise nail art enthusiasts by creating a new fab crackle nail polish collection with a bit of a spin, an infusion of cool glitter that makes the collection irresistible. Take a peek at China Glaze Crackle Glitters nail polishes and pick your new season favorites!

It’s all about sparkle this summer when it comes to your nails according to China Glaze as the renowned nail care brand has launched a super fabulous all glitter crackle nail polish collection that is bound to make traffic stop. Taking nail art designs to a new level, the China Glaze Crackle Glitters summer 2012 nail polish collection combines the contemporary effect of crackle nail polishes with the glamour effect of colorful glitter, so make sure your nails steal the spotlight this season by turning your attention towards the hottest crackle glitter lacquers signed China Glaze.

Crackle nail polishes have opened the door to perfectly polishes, edgy and easy to style nail art designs, so if you’re all about statement nails these innovative formulas are a definite must. Glitter seems to hold a top position among the nail polish trends this summer season, so make sure you shine with every occasion by glittering up your nails with one of the following hues:


China Glaze Crackle Glitters Jade-dChina Glaze Crackle Glitters Gleam Me UpChina Glaze Crackle Glitters Glam-MoreChina Glaze Crackle Glitters Luminous Lavender


  • Jade-d – Radiant bright green
  • Gleam Me Up – bright sky blue
  • Glam-More – bold fuchsia
  • Luminous Lavender – luscious light purple

To achieve the right effect apply the Crackle Glaze Glitter over your favorite nail polish hue in metallic or matte and wait until the nail color has dried completely before proceeding to glitter-up your nails with this hot crackle effect nail glitter. The collection will be available at fine salons and beauty supply stores from May 2012 as open stock colors and four-piece counter display, so make sure you grab on your favorite hues as soon as the collection his the shelves so you can give your nails an instant glam-over.



Pretty DIY Nail Art Designs

Learn how you can give your nails a glam-over without having to turn towards expensive manicure sessions as this way you’ll be able to create a different fun and pretty manicure whenever you desire. From simple to sophisticated, these nail art designs will attract plenty of compliments as the power of perfectly polished nails is undeniable.
The new season is all about perfectly polished nails, but if you wish to keep your nails looking hot without having to spend quite a high sum on expensive manicure sessions, it’s advised you turn your attention towards pretty DIY nail art designs that will make you the nail art queen at every party. The great thing about nail art is that most of them can be achieved through simple techniques that deliver quick and lovely results, so make sure you have the ace up your sleeve by learning the best tricks to pretty perfect colored nails.

There are a multitude of gorgeous nail art designs to choose from that are not too complicated to create on your own, so take a peek at the following pretty DIY nail art designs created bySurfshack and start styling.

Pretty DIY Nail Art DesignsPretty DIY Nail Art DesignsPretty DIY Nail Art DesignsPretty DIY Nail Art Designs

Give your nails a funky vibe by mixing and matching your favorite nail polish hues to achieve a cool tie-dye, marbled or ombre effect that will make traffic stop. Although these effects seems quite challenging to achieve, they are actually quite easy to create. With the right tools you can create an eclectic nail art designs that will suit your bubbly personality perfectly, so grab on to a nail art needle and various color nail polishes as they are essential when it comes to these manicures. Apply from each of your preferred nail polishes a dot of lacquer on your nail, close to one another and use the nail art needle to mix the colors, thus creating a super styling color mix effect that will definitely capture all the attention. Achieve an ombre effect by applying a colored nail polish to the tip of the nail and gently diffuse the lacquer upwards to create a fading effect that catches the eye. Another great way to achieve a marbled effect on your nails is by turning towards water nail art as this is an innovative way to do your manicure and achieve flawless and instant results if you’re not too skilled in doing intricate nail art designs.

Pretty DIY Nail Art DesignsPretty DIY Nail Art DesignsPretty DIY Nail Art DesignsPretty DIY Nail Art Designs

The simplest way to spice up your manicure is by turning towards stylish polka dots which are super popular when it comes to nail art this year. All you need to create perfect, round shaped polka dots is a nail art dotting tool or a toothpick and two contrasting color nail polish. You can also use glitter dots or add-ons if you’re all into glam manicures as the effect achieved is similar and easier at the same time. If you’re using nail polish to create the dots make sure your base color coat is dry before dotting on to perfection as if not, the colors will mix and the result will not be quiet as flattering. However, if you’re using nail art glitter or rhinestones make sure they are applied on wet nail polish so as the nail varnish dries the add-ons are sealed to the nail polish. In both cases finish up the look and gave your mani a glassy effect by applying a clear top coat which will instantly boost the beauty and elegance of your nails.

Pretty DIY Nail Art DesignsPretty DIY Nail Art DesignsPretty DIY Nail Art DesignsPretty DIY Nail Art Designs

Floral nail art designs are a perfect choice regardless of the season and the array of hues they can be achieved enable you to find a color mix to match your personality perfectly. Use acrylic paint to hand paint the flower designs using professional nail art brushes and contour the edges to achieve that realistic effect using an ultra thin contouring brush. If however you’re not too skilled and painting you can choose the easy way to perfectly polished floral nails by turning towards Konad stamps, 3D add-ons and nail art stickers. Regardless of your choice seal the floral motifs on using a clear top coat and flaunt your nails for everyone to see.

House of Laurel Spring 2012 Lookbook

Separating glamour from activewear is not always a good idea, especially when it cause us to miss out on exciting outfit ideas. Sportswear lovers will certainly appreciate the fashion-forward approach of the House of Laurel brand which highlights the hottest season trends in the ‘Athletenique’ collection for spring/summer 2012.

A delightful selection of some of the hottest trends, breath-taking femininie pieces all in a subtle sporty perspective are just some of the fabulous elements that make the House of Laurel ‘Athletenique’ spring 2012 collection a beautiful representation of the season’s hottest style perspectives. With no detail neglected and several bold vibes that add a modern vibe to the looks, the lookbook can easily serve as a fashion and style bible of the warm months.

Color-blocking can be a great starting point of an exciting outfit, but the putting a number of different bold tones in creative combos can prove an even better choice. Eclectic tonal merges and combos and prints that go beyond the mainstream alternatives are just some of the effects that make the looks impossible to ignore. Various dress styles, bold cut-outs and unexpected textural touches make the looks oh-so-fab and a terrific source of inspiration at the same time.


The wide selection of dresses that range from short and fitted to long and flowy are the perfect example of the power a fabulous piece in defining our look. A polished put together look can consist of a glamorous dress and the statement piece will vastly eliminate the need for extra effort for a seductive look. For those who don’t mind showing off their features and taking a little risk, daring cutouts and revealing sheer touches can prove an excellent alternative.

Dresses are not the only hot pieces of the collection, despite the fact that they make up the largest part of the collection. Vibrant toned high waist flared pants or fabulous shorts are also exciting alternatives worth considering. With all the emphasis on statement pieces, the importance of accessories is far from being forgotten. Silhouette enhancing thin belts, fabulous colored sandals or statement chunky necklaces and cuffs prove to be excellent options for completing the glam sporty outfits presented by the brand.


Edson Matsuo for Melissa Jelly Shoes

Rock this tricky accessory trend by sporting the hottest Edson Matsuo for Melissa jelly shoess. Make some room in your sunny season wardrobe for the flirty and feminine sandals and flat shoes designs presented below.

Isn’t these gorgeous jelly shoes simply delicious? Edson Matsuo is the creative director of Melissa and also the designer who collaborates with other highly-acclaimed designers who were invited to envision a few precious footwear models for this beloved brand. The Edson Matsuo for Melissa jelly shoes collection illustrates how easy it is to sculpt real artworks from this material. As the artsy accessory creator reveals, “I’m fascinated by plastic, a simple material with many possibilities of being. It gives freedom for the creative process and has a great affinity with Brazil. I believe plastic is only limited by the designer’s creativeness.”

Those who want to include the jelly shoes and accessory trend on their wishlist for this season will have the chance to choose from a generous repertoire of colorful sandals and pointy-toe shoes. As a cult style trend of the 80s jelly shoes mesmerized millions of people who wanted to complement their wardrobe with low maintenance and comfy footwear styles.

Moreover, we already know that designers at Melissa decided to infuse all these cool sandals and flats with a delicious bubblegum smell. According to the brand’s promo ‘Looking beautiful. Feeling fabulous. Expressing your individuality. Making ecological choices. These are all hallmarks of passionate living and they are all at the foundation of Melissa fashion shoes.” (Melissa)




Edson Matsuo and his co-designers at Melissa know how to invite fashionistas into the magical real of the style atelier. Using innovative techniques to sculpt jelly or rubber, these couturiers furnish the fashion fold with a selection of pocket-friendly and extremely wearable accessories. Stay on trend with the latest color trends and incorporate neon or classy candy hues into your casual chic or party-perfect ensembles. Let the Edson Matsuo’s Melissa jelly shoes inspire you to go green and join the ‘ecological fashion revolution’ along with celebrities. These eco-friendly shoes are created from a recyclable material and will save you from long hours spent with the cleansing of your footwear. Use simply water to restore the flawless condition of your jelly sandals or chic flats.


edson-matsuo-for-melissa-jelly-shoesEdson Matsuo Melissa Jelly Shoes Edson Matsuo Melissa Jelly Shoes Edson Matsuo Melissa Jelly Shoes Edson Matsuo Melissa Jelly Shoes

Stradivarius April 2012 Lookbook

Wait! Spring is here and the weather has warmed up. Well, this is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe. Check out the latest Stradivarius April 2012 lookbook, draw your inspiration and get ready to try quirky combinations that will make you feel like a million bucks!

With spring already in the air, it’s your time to bloom! Well, not you, but your wardrobe! Take a sneak peek at the absolutely gorgeous and achingly adorable Stradivarius April 2012 lookbook and draw your inspiration! Refresh your sunshine ensembles with lovely romantic floral prints and eye-catching pops of yellow and blue. Be the ultimate darling and choose flirty dresses, fancy shirts and classy pants! Have a nosey at these super-stylish offerings for the season ahead and stock up on the most-lusted goodies delivered by the Spanish brand.

This summer, step out of your comfort zone, forget all-things-dull and invest in head-turning designs, dazzling prints and notice-me-now hues. The newest warm-weather collection coming from Stradivarius will undoubtedly make you feel like a million bucks! In fact, who could possibly resist to that enormous amount of cutesy? The line is packed full with cool pieces that allow you to try some of the quirkiest combinations ever. Get the most out of your voguish items, mixing and matching prints, brights and stripes!

Master this season’s color-blocking trend with these seriously fashionable stunners from the Stradivarius spring/summer 2012 collection. For maximum impact, wear your playful striped tee with a pair of bright-colored pants! Forget subtlety and stand out from the crowd putting together wow-worthy combos!

Still, if you are the color-shy type of girl, the Spanish brand also brings some ultra-covetable minimalist pieces. Dress to impress choosing timeless black and white! The collection includes sophisticated pieces such as elegant dresses and skirts. Keep it simple in a statement-making little black dress or try effortlessly chic combinations teaming a girly, breezy skirt with a loose, slouchy white tank top. Don’t forget to complete your looks with a clutch and a pair of towering platforms! Check out these beauties and choose your fave!

Stradivarius April 2012 LookbookStradivarius April 2012 Lookbook

Stradivarius April 2012 LookbookStradivarius April 2012 Lookbook

Stradivarius April 2012 LookbookStradivarius April 2012 Lookbook

Stradivarius April 2012 LookbookStradivarius April 2012 Lookbook

Stradivarius April 2012 LookbookStradivarius April 2012 Lookbook

Stradivarius April 2012 LookbookStradivarius April 2012 Lookbook

Stradivarius April 2012 LookbookStradivarius April 2012 Lookbook

Stradivarius April 2012 LookbookStradivarius April 2012 Lookbook

Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 Beauty Campaign

Scarlett Johansson shows off her seductive side in a classy yet sultry Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer 2012 beauty campaign. Check out the newest ad campaign of the high-end label for a few seductive makeup ideas.
Scarlett Johansson dazzles in the newest Dolce & Gabbana beauty campaign for the spring/summer 2012 season. Channeling a Marilyn Monroe allure and displaying a series of ultra alluring makeup styles that play up her best features, the actress immediately proves that the decision to become the brand’s spokesperson was extremely well thought out and well justified. Highlighting the natural beauty of the star, a big part of the campaign features seductive styles worth replicating.

Perfectly styled curls bring the focus exactly where it needs to be and prove the perfect alternative for the sultry boudoir scenes. Effortless seduction is a concept that instantly comes to mind as we take a simple glance at the latest photoshoot created by the brand. Understated confidence and a multitude of covetable makeup styles define the newest campaign. From super subtle touches to statement red lips, playing with focal points proves fascinatingly simple and alluring.

Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 Beauty CampaignScarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 Beauty CampaignScarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 Beauty Campaign

Long eyelashes have always been considered a symbol of seduction and the looks perfectly highlight this well known principle. Perfectly manicured nails complete the looks, matching the style of the makeup. Simple yet powerful, this tiny detail really helps create the impression of a polished look. The classic allure of the campaign makes simple, monochrome the best possible alternative. Emphasizing our femininity doesn’t have to be complicated and the ultra alluring makeup styles from the campaign adequately show that going on the classy route is not only extremely simple but also guaranteed to prove a good alternative.

Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 Beauty CampaignScarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 Beauty Campaign

Dsquared2 Spring 2012 Shoes Collection

See the amazing parade of sky-high platform sandals lined up in the Dsquared2 spring 2012 shoe collection.
As the masterminds behind the Dsquared2 brand, Dan and Dean Caten decided to take a tribal turn on the ultra-modern platform sandals. This season fashionistas have the chance to step into a set of amazing statement shoe desingns all glammed up with refined strap-patterns and extra details like feathers and animal prints. The Dsquared2 spring 2012 shoe collection reflects the love affair of the designer duo with festival fashion and lady-like style trends.

Turning the catwalk into a camp field, models offered examples on how to land the coolest runway-chic-inspired looks on the street. Undoubtedly, some of these ultra-dapper sandals scream for attitude and pro walking skills. However, you can always flaunt your trailblazer ambitions by incorporating some of these accessories into your wardrobe. Dsquared2 always distances itself from too predictable and boring looks.

Create an effortlessly chic apparel by teaming up your short shorts or mini dresses with these tribal and rock glam style platform sandals. The neutral color palette which makes some room for red and green suits all kinds of wardrobe styles. Those who like minimalist looks will find these amazing shoes a sweet thrill. If the spotlight is your favorite place, you can also explore the smashing visual impact these dark-colored platforms can create when pierced into a colorful ensemble.

Dsquared2 Spring 2012 Shoes CollectionDsquared2 Spring 2012 Shoes CollectionDsquared2 Spring 2012 Shoes CollectionDsquared2 Spring 2012 Shoes CollectionDsquared2 Spring 2012 Shoes Collection

Emphasize your feminine curves with these sky-high heels which add length and definition to your silhouette. The ultimate Dsquared2 girl is conscious of her best assets and knows how to attract the attention of admirers with a sophisticated and at the same time intriguing look. Whether you want to crown your Boho chic festival look or you’re lusting for an extra glam factor for a special party wear, you’ll definitely find at least one shoe design which suits your preferences. Play around with different shades and shapes to showcase your creativity. See the tribal prints or skinny straps which guarantee the popularity of these accessories among aspiring trendsetters and celebs.

Dsquared2 Spring 2012 Shoes CollectionDsquared2 Spring 2012 Shoes CollectionDsquared2 Spring 2012 Shoes CollectionDsquared2 Spring 2012 Shoes CollectionDsquared2 Spring 2012 Shoes Collection