Cute Winter Hairstyles for 2012- 2013

Make sure you’re constantly sporting the chicest look by following the latest hair trends. Take a peek at these cute winter hairstyles for 2012-2013 and get creative with your hair!

It’s never too early for a styleover and the detail to start paying more attention to is your hair. For the cold season hairstyles tend to lean more towards natural, so take a peek at the following cute winter hairstyles for 2012 – 2013 and revamp your look to perfection. These cute winter hair styles aim to provide the right amount of style, comfort and freshness and that’s why we’re so keen on this trend as fabulous looking hair doesn’t have to be sophisticated, so depending on your hair length, have a peek at the following styles and recreate your faves whenever you have the chance.

Luscious length loving honeys can definitely flash a smile as medium and long hairstyles benefit from the highest level of versatility in styling, so dare to play with your natural hair texture as well as with various braiding styles and ponytails. Braiding or plaiting the hair enables you to achieve a sophisticated look in minutes, so test different braiding techniques on sleek to curly hair as the result will still look as sexy as ever. Loose & low side swept ponytails fall right into the cute hairstyles for 2013 area and add a bit of a playful and romantic allure to the look, so whenever you need a 5 minute everyday hairstyle go for the stylish ponytail!

Natural hair textures are universally flattering and suitable for all hair lengths, so dare to polish to perfection your short crop, sexy midi or long hair by pairing your length with groomed wintery curls, tousled waves and sexy, voluminous sleek & glossy locks. Keep in mind however that if you’ve got frizzy wavy/curly hair, it’s best to avoid straightening it and exposing yourself to snow as the result can be disastrous: your locks might pouf-up!
Glam meets grunge, angelic loose curls, curly curls or slightly tousled hair styles are perfect winter hairstyles for long hair, so test these 2012- 2013 hairstyle trends and experience their beauty boosting powers!

Are you dressed to impress? Then you definitely have to opt for an equally sizzling hair style and our advice: up styles. These cute winter hair styles have a certain glamor and effortlessness attached and styling won’t take forever, on the contrary, these are super easy styles to achieve with just a hair elastic, a few bobby pins and hairspray, so pull your hair into a top knot, a messy bun, a low bun, a ballerina bun or a stylish disheveled bun paired with hair twists or braids as all these easy-wear hairstyles provide a pretty update for your style.
Keep in mind that up styles will expose your ears to the cold, so protect them with earmuffs, so you can look chic and feel comfortable!

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Cute Christmas DIY Nail Art Ideas

Check out these cute Christmas DIY nail art ideas, draw a little inspiration and get ready for some seriously hypnotic and statement-making results!

We love, love, love these cute Christmas DIY nail art ideas! Besides, they are easy to achieve and will add instant style points to your festive combos. For all those holiday parties why not spice up your appearance a little with a to-die-for nail design? Trust us, it will totally make a difference! It is absolutely fantastic how easy one can give a cool and show-stealing flare to their looks. Aaaahhh! We’re so ready to have fun and try one of these adorable designs! Oh, and if we’ll end up with some real conversation-starters, we think it’s worth the work!

So, if you too are prepared to play around and get creative, you should definitely dare some lovely Christmas nail ideas! These next talented bloggers show us how to get standout nails in no time! And we start with a too-cute-to-be-true snowman made by Camille from And boy oh boy, this is so wintry and easy to do. Begin by applying a base! For the snowman, make a semi circle and then a circle for the head. Next, with a dotting tool, it’s time for the eyes and buttons to appear! Then, draw on a triangle-shaped nose in orange. Don’t forget about the top hat and scarf! And on the other nails, draw some snowflakes for the whole winter landscape!

Okay, there’s no Christmas without Santa’s reindeers! Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolf… Did we forget anyone? This season, choose your favourite reindeer and apply it on your nails! Sammy from manages to create some uber-cute reindeer for the holidays ahead! She used white as a base color, outlined the main shape of the reindeer with Barry M Mushroom and then used black and white acrylic paint for the details.

Start by applying a base coat and only after it’s completely dry you can make the reindeer. Then, use a small paint brush or a tooth pick in order to make the antlers. Next, create two big white dots for eyes and with a dotting tool make two slightly smaller black dots on top of the white ones. Remember to make Rudolph’s big nose red, while for the rest of the nails make the reindeer’s nose black. Finally, to finish the look, apply a clear fast drying nail polish. These are pretty hypnotic, aren’t they? We’re completely hooked!

Now, let’s see! We already have a snowman and snowflakes and Santa’s cute reindeer. Well, we have this strange feeling that something’s missing! Oh, and this is definitely the Christmas tree! So, we came across Chelsea’s blog,, and discovered an array of gorgeous nail art ideas that guarantee to be the center of attention at all your holiday parties. For the Christmas tree, Chelsea started out with three coats of glittery polish on all nails except her ring nail, on which she used two coats of red nail polish. Once it was completely dry, she used strips of tapes to form a tree shape and painted over it green glittery polish and then topped the tree off with a single star!

So, are you fashionistas ready to get all dolled up for the festive season? If you are, then you can also try Camille’s Christmas tree made using two regular tape strips on your nail, forming a chevron shape, and small strips randomly across the chevron to form the garland. And keep in mind to try removing the tape strips individually for a cleaner result!

Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 Handbags

Browse through the Roberto Cavalli spring/summer 2013 handbags if your goal for the new season is to make a powerful style stateme

Investing in the right accessories is the quickest way to update your new season wardrobe without too much effort. While all kinds of accessories can help you get the sense of novelty you crave, handbags are a fabulous choice as they have a big impact in defining the looks in addition to being extremely practical. Those who see handbags as a fabulous way to make a statement should definitely examine the Roberto Cavalli spring/summer 2013 handbag collection carefully as there are many potential style answers comprised in it.

The designer has never been shy when it came to revealing his love for fun color combos and lots of animal prints never fail to become strong focal points and the spring/summer handbags abide the same rules. If there’s one label which can make prints look interesting regardless of how many variations have been out there, it’s definitely the well known high-end label. The exotic skin texture has an unmatched luxurious allure that makes it a timeless choice and the label offers plenty of fun options designed to cater to those who love interesting alternatives with a versatile yet opulent vibe.

Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 HandbagsRoberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 HandbagsRoberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 HandbagsRoberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 Handbags
Of course, black, white or pastel toned exotic skin handbags are only revealing the relatively subtle side of the spectrum. For true edgy design lovers, the options are much more varied. Therefore, loud prints, intricate patterns in vibrant tones, studs and many more interesting touches are added to the spectacular array of elements that make the new season handbags and clutches so incredibly hard to ignore or forget. In fact, nothing of the sort ever seems to happen when we’re talking about Cavalli.

Speaking of clutches, it seems that the popularity of the hard case clutches isn’t about to fade any time soon. In fact, if more high-end retailers follow the example of the label, it will continue to flourish. The options are well diversified and as a result there is a variety of interesting alternatives that can cater to a number of style preferences among various age group, so the opportunities to stand out from the crowd are certainly abundant.

Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 HandbagsRoberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 HandbagsRoberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 HandbagsRoberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 Handbags Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 Clutch BagsRoberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 Handbags
Photo courtesy of Roberto Cavalli
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Erin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Erin Fetherston’s pre-fall 2013 collection is filled with feminine, romantic and flirty goodies! Check it out and get ready to add a pretty flare to your combos!

Cheers to a new year with some amazingly fab and fresh pre-fall 2013 collections! Oh yes, we are totally head over heels with these goodies and there’s no denying that some of the designers managed to impress the audience with a zillion of to-die-for ensembles. For those of your who aren’t so much into getting wild with their fashion choices, there is always a softer option. And the new Erin Fetherston pre-fall 2013 collection is definitely a great choice when it comes to all-things-pretty and romantic.

“Pre-fall is about capturing the last spark of summer,” Erin Fetherston told Well, catching the essence of sunny, warm days can easily be done with a dress. Indeed, an ethereal gown is a summer essential that every girl should own in her wardrobe. And it seems that Fetherston ‘s recent trip to Los Roques, an archipelago in Venezuela, became a source of inspiration for her new collection filled with whimsical pieces that scream maximum femininity, flirtatiousness and prettiness. So summery and romantic, the line features gorgeous dresses, shorts and peplum tops.

Erin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 Collection
Erin Fetherston’s pre-fall 2013 collection is packed full with sexy yet lovely dresses that guarantee to add instant style points to your look. Well, just check out these beauties and see it for yourself! These stunners are achingly adorable and delicate and we heart every single one of them. The line is the result of a process that requires some really hard work.
“I work all the time,” she said in an interview with the Fall 2012 issue of Downtown Magazine. “But I love it – it doesn’t feel like work, so it’s like a dream come true. Gabe and I always joke: little boys want to grow up and be rock stars and little girls want to be fashion designers, so kids get so excited to meet us as a couple.”

Seeing her pre-fall 2013 super-stylish and chic we must admit we’re happy she decided to present her collection off-calendar at the Haute Couture shows in January 2005, at the suggestion of a journalist friend. “I look back at the collection now and it just totally looks like a student show,” she told Downtown Magazine. “I can’t even believe I had the guts to do it. But for whatever it was worth, it was a good way to get started. And you’ve got to start somewhere,” the famous designer added.

Erin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 CollectionErin Fetherston Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

H&M Spring 2013 Preview

H&M is bringing fun back into fashion with the help of brights, pastels and darks, so take a sneak-peek at the styles that will rock the spring 2013 fashion scene at H&M!

Swedish retail brand H&M is putting the fun back into fashion as the brand chose to re-energize the fashion scene with its spring 2013 creations. A preview of H&M‘s spring 2013 collection proves that in the upcoming season affordable-priced fashion enthusiasts will have all the necessary props to look and feel fresh and fabulous, so no wonder that the sneak-peak given by the label got fashionistas buzzing with excitement.

The designs have comfort and style written all over as H&M knows what the ladies want when it comes to everyday fashion, so it’s no surprise that the outfits that have been leaked by the label include stylish biker jackets, achromatic and colorful skinny jeans, lovely knitted sweaters, a colorful display of cardigans, flirty tops, skirts and many other fashion items and designs that have reached a high level of popularity in fashion and that will tempt you from first glimpse.

The spring 2013 fashion scene has been focused on reviving clean and chic elements to balance the statement styles that have dominated the fashion world for quite a few seasons now, and it seems that this is the path to style H&M also chose to take with its newest collection, a back to the basics style path that comes as a breath of fresh air after a season dominated by dark tones, glamor overload and statement elements.
Honeys that love pretty pastels will have a blast mixing and matching their favorite H&M garments this spring as the designs display wonderful, soft and warm feel pigments that will sweep you off your feet as who can resist the fresh and feminine allure of pink tones, soft peach, baby blue, mint green, mauve, turquoise and yellow?! However, achromatic pigments and earth tones were also featured in the collection to give balance and contrast, so dare to mix and match as the options are limitless this upcoming season.

The wearability level that characterizes this collection is quite impressive as each and every garment looks chic and relaxed, so be warned that this particular collection will hypnotize you into spending more than you planed since the designs exude an addictive effortlessly chicness!

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Christian Dior ‘An Exceptional Christmas’ Holiday 2012 Campaign

Let the Dior ‘An Exceptional Christmas’ campaign for holiday 2012 be your source of inspiration for a dazzling look.

Do you dream about an exceptional Christmas? So does the Christian Dior label for which dreaming only about a white Christmas would be an unnecessary limitation, thus the “An Exceptional Christmas” by Dior was created. Featuring the Nimue Smit, the new campaign rounds up the hottest current offerings of the season. The Dior fall/winter 2012 campaign featuring Mila Kunis might have given an insight into the new offerings yet this vivid campaign tells the true story.

With a subtle hint of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and a total commitment to make the fabulous current goodies, this sure isn’t your typical Christmas lookbook. On the other hand, if you’re looking for cute Christmas party dresses, you’ll definitely find some fab alternatives worth checking out. Fabulous and seductive, the new gowns will never make you worry about looking tacky. Still, if you’ve already picked out your party looks, accessories might be more of a relevant area of focus for you.

Whether they are presented in the middle of a multitude of butterflies or as a simple addition to an outstanding outfit, the handbags from the new fashion campaign are undoubtedly some of the most attention grabbing items. Functionality and the desire to stand out are beautifully merged in the newest designs. As a result both versatile options and more vibrantly toned alternatives are offered for those looking for classy accessories to refresh their looks.

Many of the same style concepts apply for the shoes presented in the new collection. Gorgeous pumps with the potential to take you to new style heights are some the suggestions you can instantly use to perk up your look for the upcoming holidays. Make sure you dress to impress with these spectacular style suggestions for a memorable holiday. Investing effort in our looks definitely pays off, so make sure to do your best to shine during these festive days.

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Christmas Makeup Ideas 2012

Look flawless this Christmas by drawing inspiration from the following makeup looks as from natural to high drama, there’s definitely a look you can relate to!

You don’t really need a reason to pamper yourself and enhance your natural beauty with the help of makeup, but Christmas is definitely the period when you can really have fun with your look. With Christmas just a couple of days away, we’ve decided to lend a hand and put together a fabulous selection of Christmas makeup ideas that will make your 2012 Christmas make-up memorable!
Regardless if you’ve decided to spend the holidays in the comfort of your own home or partying with your closest friends, the following Christmas makeup ideas will surely help you decide which woman you want to transform yourself in for the holidays, so check out these makeup looks and choose which one will work its magic on you.

The Glamorous

A sultry makeup look that radiates is always a great idea as far as Christmas make-up goes and fortunately there’s an array of radiant, sheer and metallic finish makeup products that have an almost tropical allure and that you can turn to regardless of your budget.
For this type of look make sure you use an illuminating foundation and a highlighter which you’ll apply from the temples down towards the apple of the cheeks to add that freshness and glow that makes heads turn. For the eyes use dark tones as well as gold, copper metallic pigments and finish the look with a blush and a metallic lipstick that compliments your complexion and eyeshadow color choice.

The Drama Queen

Do you love vivacious pigments? But most importantly are you brave enough to play with vivacious makeup pigments? If yes, bring out your inner drama queen and put the most seductive and intense pigments to work. Purple/magenta, emerald green as well as black are the most popular eyeshadow shades to use when trying to add depth and drama to your eyes, so get creative and sculpt your peepers to perfection. A bit of eyeliner smudged across the lash line, lashings of mascara (if you’ve got a hot pair of dramatic falsies use it!) and either a fierce red/berry tone lipstick or a nude lip color will help complete your look and give you a cinematic allure that will make traffic stop!

The Demure

If you’re thinking of playing it safe or you just want your Christmas makeup to look natural and romantic, soft pastel pigments are the answer to your needs! Keep the eyes defined with a shimmery sheer pink/beige (you can also go with bare eyelids), light lashings of mascara, add a natural flush to your cheeks with a soft pink/salmon/peach blush and plump up the lips with a sheer lip gloss or lipstick to complete your enviable demure look.
Now all that’s left is to have a Merry Christmas!
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Massimo Dutti Holiday 2012 Accessories

Love classy accessories? The Massimo Dutti holiday 2012 accessories can sure prove a delight, then. Have a look at the new offerings and see for yourself.

Just because there’s so little time left until the holidays, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give outfit-enhancing accessories a thought. The Massimo Dutti label has used the holidays as an opportunity to bring versatile yet fab accesssories to complement outfits for months to come. This time the well known brand has decided to play up more on the sophisticated high-end touch than the casual easy going allure it has previously brought and with good reason. This doesn’t mean however that you can’t use these to amp up your casual looks.Taking both classiness and comfort into account, the label manages to bring season appropriate items that will prove a spectacular choice for those who shop pragmatically and put functionality among their most important priorities. From roomy handbags, comfy yet stylish tall boots or ballet flats, wallets, classy gloves and many more, the label ensures that the new offerings meet as many style needs as possible. If you’re looking to replace some of your signature accessories, it definitely pays off to give some of these options a thought.

The color palette is one thing that brings the already classy designs to the state of absolute perfection as far as functionality goes. These tones literally go with everything, so if a well set routine is one of the things you count on to look gorgeous without a lot time or complex decisions, these new offerings sure can fit the role perfectly. Discreet touches can make more of an impact than loud pieces and this is exactly the concept that is beautifully reflected here.With these thoughts in mind, one can definitely feel inclined to start making up some new year style resolutions. A little style analysis can go a long way in helping you decide your style goals for the near future. Such a strategy can make your shopping sessions both more productive and more satisfactory. Are you a style diva that likes to be recognized for your edgy choices or are you more of a classy style lover who loves things with a timeless allure? Do your current choices reflect who you are? Pledge to better decisions in the year to come and dare to show off your personality.

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Chic and Easy Party Hairstyles

Have a nosey at these chic and easy party hairstyles, choose the ones that best complement your face and get ready to stand out from the crowd!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it once again… A great ‘do can elevate your overall appearance and can definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Prepare to party this season choosing one hairstyle that totally complements your face. And you have plenty of uber-gorgeous possibilities to glam up your holiday look. If you’re running out of inspiration and time, you should check out these chic and easy party hairstyles as you’ll undoubtedly find one to suit you.

This is traffic-stopping hair made simple. It’s time for you to switch up your locks and give them a to-die-for flare. And with so many soirees and important occasions scheduled, what better moment than this to start trying some new how-tos in order to add a special je ne sais quoi to your tresses. Oh, and one of the easiest ways to give your hair a glossy injection is to use a curling iron or heated rollers and make some head-turning waves that work amazing for both mid-length and long hair.

Don’t worry if you don’t have Rapunzel-worthy tresses as there are so many beautiful ‘dos even for those of you who rock a short bob or a cool shortie. Indeed, one can look fabulous and elegant sporting a short crop. You can even play around with your styling and get a retro hairdo in no time. Well, depending on the effect you want to obtain, a bob or a chop can be surprisingly versatile allowing you to try a zillion of different chic and easy party hairstyles.

Whether you opt for a slightly wavy version or for the super-sleek, vintage-inspired one, trust us, you’ll still look perfect. Not to mention that you can try a ’20s ‘do with Marcel waves. Use a strong mousse and a curling iron in order to create these sophisticated and sculpted waves. If the length of your hair allows you to, make a low chignon at the nape of the neck and apply some hairspray.

Now, if you have long hair, you can certainly try an impressive range of hairstyles. So, when time is against you but you still want to flaunt an impeccable look, choose one of these chic and easy party hairstyles! And with a season filled with festivities and parties, switching up your hair will probably be a real challenge. However, there are so many ‘dos you can opt for. From the already legendary ponytail to notice-me-now twists and messy buns, check out these ‘dos and get inspired.

Okay, so we all agree that one of the easiest ways to upgrade your look is to make a timeless ponytail. For a show-stopping effect, prep your hair with a shine serum and blow it dry. Next, create a perfectly straight part and pull hair into a pony! The result? Relaxed yet super-elegant! Another easy way to achieve a ‘do that works for the holiday season is the famous chignon. Twisted, messy or knotted, this hairstyle can take you from the dance floor to a formal event in an instant.

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Gucci Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

The Gucci pre-fall 2013 collection brings a fabulous ‘femme fatale’ allure which radiates boldness and sophistication. Get a glimpse of the hottest new designs.

A new era seems to be the main focus for the pre-fall 2013 fashion. If the ’70s have been the main source of inspiration for some of the most popular creations of the past season, it seems that now the ’50s are taking over and Gucci is one label that believes reinterpretations from the glamorous era should set the tone for the new season. Femininity is once again the attribute that is highlighted yet not in the delicate, romantic allure we generally see it represented.

For Frida Giannini adding drama and a sense of power that is completely opposite to the ‘damsel in distress’ mantra was the important aspect that defined the collection: “This is a contemporary femme fatale who relishes her own dark mood. Armed with an invulnerable aesthetic, she has an elusive sensuality — like the protagonist in a game of pursuit” the designer told With these thoughts in mind, the complete focus on extremely well defined proportions and rich tones immediately create the sense of refinement and intentional contrast that instantly demand attention.

Creating the ‘femme fatale’ vibe relies on a series of well defined touches. Animal prints are, hands down, the best choice for highlighting boldness from the brand’s perspective and as such they are an important part of the new collection. The geometric vibe that proves so incredibly important as far as the 2013 fashion trends are concerned is beautifully reflected through classy pieces that form fabulous ensembles where proportions are beautifully defined.

High waist skirts, gorgeous long gloves, classy and classical dresses, simple sweaters paired up with high impact accessories are some of the must haves of the new collection. The new designs might seem like a far-cry from the relaxed allure of the resort 2013 creations, yet this is precisely the impact that makes loyal customers and hardcore fashionistas alike maintain interest and remember the new creations of the luxury label.

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