Giuseppe Zanotti Spring 2013 Shoes

The spring season might seem far off now, however, knowing the defining trends early on can be extremely useful in helping not to feel as overwhelmed by the possibilities as you would if you’d get a hold of the trends only then. The label Giuseppe Zanotti has set the trends on more than one occasion and the spring 2013 can definitely be a good candidate for the trendsetter title. Glam and sophistication steal the spotlight and make shoe lovers want to pause and analyze everything more in depth.

Chains, fringes, intricate cutouts, sheen, metallic elements… name your favorite textural style influence and you’ll most likely find it in one of the designs in one way or another. Rather than doing a highly specialized thematic collection, the label opts for style diversity and eye-catching vibes all highlighted in the refined and well defined manner the label has gotten everyone used to over the years. Complex styles seem to gain the spotlight in detriment of the tried and tested styles that stay within a neutral zone.









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