Edson Matsuo for Melissa Jelly Shoes

Rock this tricky accessory trend by sporting the hottest Edson Matsuo for Melissa jelly shoess. Make some room in your sunny season wardrobe for the flirty and feminine sandals and flat shoes designs presented below.

Isn’t these gorgeous jelly shoes simply delicious? Edson Matsuo is the creative director of Melissa and also the designer who collaborates with other highly-acclaimed designers who were invited to envision a few precious footwear models for this beloved brand. The Edson Matsuo for Melissa jelly shoes collection illustrates how easy it is to sculpt real artworks from this material. As the artsy accessory creator reveals, “I’m fascinated by plastic, a simple material with many possibilities of being. It gives freedom for the creative process and has a great affinity with Brazil. I believe plastic is only limited by the designer’s creativeness.”

Those who want to include the jelly shoes and accessory trend on their wishlist for this season will have the chance to choose from a generous repertoire of colorful sandals and pointy-toe shoes. As a cult style trend of the 80s jelly shoes mesmerized millions of people who wanted to complement their wardrobe with low maintenance and comfy footwear styles.

Moreover, we already know that designers at Melissa decided to infuse all these cool sandals and flats with a delicious bubblegum smell. According to the brand’s promo ‘Looking beautiful. Feeling fabulous. Expressing your individuality. Making ecological choices. These are all hallmarks of passionate living and they are all at the foundation of Melissa fashion shoes.” (Melissa)




Edson Matsuo and his co-designers at Melissa know how to invite fashionistas into the magical real of the style atelier. Using innovative techniques to sculpt jelly or rubber, these couturiers furnish the fashion fold with a selection of pocket-friendly and extremely wearable accessories. Stay on trend with the latest color trends and incorporate neon or classy candy hues into your casual chic or party-perfect ensembles. Let the Edson Matsuo’s Melissa jelly shoes inspire you to go green and join the ‘ecological fashion revolution’ along with celebrities. These eco-friendly shoes are created from a recyclable material and will save you from long hours spent with the cleansing of your footwear. Use simply water to restore the flawless condition of your jelly sandals or chic flats.


edson-matsuo-for-melissa-jelly-shoesEdson Matsuo Melissa Jelly Shoes Edson Matsuo Melissa Jelly Shoes Edson Matsuo Melissa Jelly Shoes Edson Matsuo Melissa Jelly Shoes
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