Latest trends in the world of mascara

These are tools the most important makeup bag makeup – mascara but only one bar is not enough if you want a picture and the most beautiful fashion.

For many people, mascara simply called a ‘miracle’. Many also acknowledge that they wake up each morning to see something like blink mi albino. And no mascara, they feel unhappy. So in a recent survey, 95% of the women do not leave home without mascara in a bag.

Number of mascara on the market worth about 130 million pounds and women on average spend about £ 20 each time to make their eyelashes thicker and longer.
Max Factor announced that it sold 3 bars mascara – False Lash Effect Mascara – every minute throughout the UK. Lancome’s mascara and 2 bars are sold every second worldwide.
Clear mascara is really effective in the wide open eyes, to bring charm to the fire mi. And no woman can be without using it.

Latest trends in the world of mascara

Since 1913 when the Maybeline mascara was invented by a young Chicago chemist named Thomas Williams, used by the carbon dust and vaseline, women were really ‘mad’ because of it.

And for more than a century, there was a desire pair is long and thick eyelashes never stop women in the world.

Today, the use of mascara is an indispensable part of the routine to make up the eyes a beautiful impression, especially for the night.

And although the results do not connect mi lasted over 1 month – 6 weeks is still not prevent the women flocked to salons in turn to spend time and money to make thicker, longer lashes pair of them.

But the latest trend is mascara used as wardrobe – that is, using a variety of mascara at once to get different effects. Under which people usually use three types of mascara to make up for my eyes.

First, using Diorshow Blackout mascara to the lashes to make them thick and black. Then use mascara for lower lashes Clinique – a first category is very small brush to work effectively with short fibers in the mi mi said under
Latest trends in the world of mascara
And finally brownish black mascara – No 7 Intense Volume in Black Brown – for thick black lashes and can use it for eyebrows.
Dior has recognized this trend – often used when customers first class Diorshow Iconic mascara for long eyelashes and curly. Next they will use Diorshow mascara Extase, effects due to thick black powder and black pearls in the composition of the mascara.
It also encourages the growth of eyelashes with a cocktal composition of vitamins and minerals.
Eyelash growth is a subject very ‘hot’ with the latest creativity Allergan (like Botox), which is Latisse, is being tried in the hospital industry in the UK.
Latisse proved capable of long, thick and dark eyelashes. The only downside is that can cause brown pigmentation on the eyelids if not applied properly.
Here we will help you choose the best mascara bars
Latest trends in the world of mascara
Mascara thicken lashes – L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes, £ 11.22. Top quality black and thick brush make-tech fibers and separating lashes mascara would be a great bar for you.

Waterproof Mascara – 17 Waterproof Mascara, £ 4.69. Relatively low cost and suitable if you were going swimming pools or beach. It’s nothing outstanding, but good use. When you want to remove it, use liquid bleach cream or oil-rich pages, if using water, then remove the eye does not work.

Mascara warp mi – No. 7 Exquisite Curl Mascara, £ 10. This type of mascara you should buy if you want to skip the clamp mi. Smart speculators can warp yarn mi to 90 degrees. Is not the best mascara to separate lashes and thick but it would be a good combination with other types of mascara to give a really striking effect.
Latest trends in the world of mascara
Mi mascara to growth – Accelerator Rimmel Lash Mascara, £ 8.99. There is a patent formula called Grow-Lash Complex to encourage the growth of lashes from root. When tested, the eyelashes can be up to 117% longer and thicker after only a month. You need to stick with it for a few weeks to get optimal results.
Mascara create many different effects – MAC Haute and Naughty, £ 17.50. This mascara has two brushes with the two different effects.
An early brush with a nice effect for the first day and a thick brush as thick eyelashes over for the evening.
Mascara for accurate overlay – One By One £ 8.49 Maybelline. Each eye had an average of 100 fibers eyelashes and mascara latest Maybeline have a very special brush with 300 bristles to ensure that each mouse has the most accurate coverage. This is very good mascara to thicken lashes making them appear because grow eyelashes.
Latest trends in the world of mascara
Best mascara for eyelashes below – Bottom Clinique Lash Mascara, £ 10. This is the first mascara with a tiny brush. It is absolutely perfect to use for precise application of mascara to lashes layer below. It works to cover the extra fiber and lower lashes correctly without leaving spots or clusters on the border of an eyelash.
Best mascara for long lashes – Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Lengthening Extreme, 18 pounds. This mascara uses a technology for attaching zippers and long eyelash yarn has.

This is a great choice for those fiber short lashes, sparse, and it is not bad in the making and thick black lashes.
Best Mascara to create effects such as false eyelashes – Max Factor False Lash Effect £ 10.99. This is their latest invention and also the best selling products. It makes thick, long, black, and often mimic the sexy girl in the movie wearing a pair of false eyelashes without having to use it.

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